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About Me

My name is Clint and I am a Sophomore in college studying Choral Music with a Vocal Primary. I am 20 years old, and have been playing Guild Wars since August 8, 2005 when I got the game for my birthday. In 2007, I took 1 year off of Guild Wars to play World of Warcraft where I was known as Kharim in the Lightbringer server. I don't care much for farming, titles, or any form of achievement to be gained within Guild Wars. (except for a gold trim :D ) Because of my casual play style, I haven't completed any of the elite areas of Guild Wars except for the Fissure of Woe. I've only completed a few of the Eye of the North dungeons, because I didn't catch the game at release and so after I had returned from Warcraft, the only way to get the dungeon done was with a run. (which I hate runs or anything to alter my gameplay experience) I have been active in Guild Wars PvP as early as October 2005. I never bothered for a high rank or rating back then, I just played for fun. It was when I came back after my Warcraft stint that I started to get interested in competitive GvG. I made friends with people, and several guilds later, I found Pshycho Ninjas [oGod] who I now play with frequently as a reserve player.

Right now, I am more interested in Guild Wars 2, than Guild Wars, and am found frequently at the Guild Wars 2 Guru. With my recent co-hosting of MantleCon 2010, I am trying to become more involved in community events, as I find them and the people who run them very fun and entertaining :D In Guild Wars 2, I am a co-founder of the Roleplaying Guild, Sentinels of the Six.

Here is where I am truly active :)


Konig Des Todes
Tender Wolf