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Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

— Robert A. Heinlein

Heta all, well I am back after a couple weeks off - life has been crazy. But in the time since my last update, I have changed my mind on my main toons class. During the last beta weekend, I fell in love with the engineer. I am shifting my dBase project over to engineers, but have not started researching them yet. Additionally I have been working with a number of people of the formation of our guild. I will be adding a new section on the "Guild". We still do not have a guild name, but it is coming.

DeVorak, 05 August 2012

This page is still a "work-in-process" - please bear with me. All suggestions are welcome.

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Project (in Priority Order)


  1. Family: Yes, my family is a project - wife and 3 kids, ranging from middle school to freshman in collage.
  2. Volleyball:
    1. Currently coaching 2 AAU (Boys U16 & Girls U18) and High School Men's Varsity Volleyball teams.
    2. Coach/Captain of an adult B/BB team.
  3. Work: Standard 40-50 hrs a week plus travel to Canada and France.

On-line (when I have time after getting above done)[edit]

  1. GW2 dB: Researching Engineer optimal slot configuration (for my playing style)
    1. [ToDo] Weapon Slots
    2. [ToDo] Healing Slot


To know more on my GW2 dB formula philosophy, see here.

  • Not started yet

Top Builds[edit]

Best Engineer Build (so far)

  • Not Started
Friends and Respected

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Infinite - talk (For assistence with newbie questions)
Dr Ishmael User Dr ishmael Diablo the chicken.png (For assistence with Skill Infobox)
User Nineaxis Icon Mesmer.jpg Nineaxis (talk) (For assistence with Target Dummies )
Naoroji (Whose template I so conveniently stole)
Malchior Devenholm (Whose template Naoroji so conveniently stole)
User I Elite Starchild I Monk-tango-icon-200.png-Alarielle- (For providing code which has inspired me)

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