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My fellow wiki freaks, welcome !

About me[edit]

Erm… Name's Thibaut, I'm currently 20 (and male, for those who wonder). I live in Belgium (that's a small country in Europe, North of France, in case you don't know), which means French is my mother tongue, not English, so pardon my mistakes (and feel free to edit them yourself). I am studying to become a computer engineer, but the jury's still out on what I will actually become.

In-game in Guild Wars I use the nickname Alarielle, coming from my main PvE Alarielle La Reine, a female Monk. Originally it should have been Alarielle Rhiannon, as homage to Warhammer (Alarielle is an elf queen in there) and a series of book by JL Fetjaine, a French author in which Morgane le Fay from Arthurian myth becomes a half-elf girl named Rhiannon (meaning the Royal One) ; however I had already created a character on the account I was sharing when I got my own account, and was in too much a hurry to delete her. Too bad. I'm the cross-player type : I usually play female characters. But I play males too in GW2.

I'm an editor in a few Wikia sites, which use the same format as this wiki, so I shouldn't have too much trouble editing.

Userbox FRENZY[edit]

You know you like it =D