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Guild Wars II Characters[edit]

Warrior Ghus Duirbourne[edit]

Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male.
Profession: Warrior.
Affiliation: Autumn.
Favourite lesser race: Hylek.
Weapon sets: Greatsword/Hammer
Other info: This will be my main PvE character as well as my main WvW character :)

Necromancer Johan Helson[edit]

Race: Norn
Gender: Male.
Profession: Necromancer.
Affiliation: Raven Spirit.
Favourite lesser race: Skritt.
Weapon sets: Staff/Scepter & Dagger
Other info: This will be my alternate PvE character and main RP

Ranger Septimus Franklin-Winston IV[edit]

Race: Human
Gender: Male.
Profession: Ranger.
Affiliation: Gentry.
Favourite lesser race: Quaggan.
Weapon sets: Shortbow/Sword & Dagger
Other info: Finaly my just for giggles character :) a ranger for now until we find out if assassins can use pistol or not as he is a pirate :P