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So, the beta weekend is coming (next weekend).


  • Obtain as much data as possible.
  • Be clear on what people are doing in order to prevent redundant research (time is precious)


Add yourself here if you are intending to participate.

As of BWE1, currently:

  • Eternal Grove (US Worlds)
  • Sacnoth Valley (EU Worlds)
User Display name Notes World
Aqua (T|C) Aquadrizzt.4987 will be missing for parts of saturday/early sunday EST
contact Infinite (or email me) if you need me and I'm not online.
Eternal Grove
Infinite - talk Infi (or Ucco)
Available for research all weekend. Desolation
Venom20 User Venom20-icon-0602-sm-black.png Venom.1380
User Mattsta Sig1.jpgUser Mattsta Sig2.jpg Mattsta.8694 Eternal Grove
Lasha Lasha.1396 He will play on Friday and Saturday full. On Sunday, possibly only in the morning. (European time)
BWE Planning
Alfa-R User Alfa-R sig.png AlfaR.9257 Sacnoth Valley
Tosti Tosti.8763 I won't be in the guild, as I already am in one, I'm just going to try and document anything that I run into that isn't documented yet Desolation
User Zesbeer sig.png Zesbeer Zesbeer Sousuke I'll grab as much stuff as I can, that is related to the Asura. also will be on as often as i can. I hope to get on Eternal Grove
you like that don't you..The Holy Dragons Nero.8047 is available during the whole BWE. Riverside
Ee Sai Ree.5960 Sharing time between guilds
Drago Drago.9873
Ge4ce-Talk-Contribs Farion.2548 (Note: I'll be out for like 8 hours on the saturday, but will do my gathering best on the events) Riverside
Thervold Thervold.2940 Will be off and on as parenting duties dictate Eternal Grove
-- My Talk Lacky Christopher Malone.5362 (main Collector's Edition account)
Lacky.2603 (alternate Digital Deluxe Edition account)
In [ZoS] mostly, however, I will dedicate some time if available and able to, so please invite me to the guild(s). Thanks. Eternal Grove, Far Shiverpeaks, Anvil Rock, Yak's Bend
shew|make Shew.6827 will be in-game ... 24/7 Eternal Grove
timbre htadolfsson.1358
TechWolf TechWolf.3471
Lania User Lania Elderfire pinkribbon.jpg Kurakura.7281 I'll be taking a ton of pictures and videos and hopefully fill in anything that gets missed Eternal Grove
zeeZUser ZeeZ Sig.png (talk) zeeZ.3908 Riverside ?
-- aspectacle User Aspectacle.png Ava Spectacle (aspectacle.5301) I'll be playing as much as I can, which will be less than I want. Bestiary focus for wiki activities. Happy to help on any fastidious wiki testing. Eternal Grove
Indigo121 Dra Keln.5184 I'll mostly be making screenshots of anything and everything, afterwards I'll fill in data as necessary Anvil Rock
~~ User Kiomadoushi sig.png Kiomadoushi Kio.6238 I'm probably going to be missing most of Saturday, but what time I do have, I'll be getting miscellaneous details - the small stuff that doesn't matter on the grand scale. I'll probably be focusing on ele... added I'M ALSO going to be looking into the level-based automatic tier system for skills Eternal Grove
-- Cyan User Cyan Light sig.jpg Cyan.6904 Hunting locations. Most likely not able to play on sunday, I'm going to celebrate my birthday ;) Aurora Glade
Faalagorn/ Faalagorn.7324 I didn't had much time to participate in BWE1, since I was busy IRL and only had access to a low-end PC, but I have all the screens with the basic achievements, so I'll try to document them for now and help with what I can - plus I'm 100% in all the upcoming BWEs! Sacnoth Valley
Kenrid Kenrid.6479 Recording event options and dialog, NPC merchant locations, name, items, and map screens with filled icons. Sorrow's Furnace, will try to switch to Eternal Grove next BWE
Dr Ishmael User Dr ishmael Diablo the chicken.png DrIshmael.9685 Tarnished Coast
—- EndeavorTalk Endeavor.1653 I'll be willing to do anything, just message me. (main account dedicated to American servers.) Eternal Grove
—- EndeavorTalk americanLegion.4639 I'll be willing to do anything, just message me. (duplicate account dedicated to EU servers.) Far Shiverpeaks



The worlds we will be using are Eternal Grove (US) and Riverside (EU).

Everyone should join the Beta Weekend Event Wiki Krewe [wiki]; I'll be active in sending out guild invitations next BWE.

Video records[edit]

If you want to capture video while playing, here are some softwares you can use:

  • Fraps - free version can only record for 30 seconds; but can capture correct time lossless video.
  • HyperCam - not the best in terms of quality or speed, but free.
  • CamStudio - okayish quality, mediocre stream.
  • Dxtory - distributed recording in a codec of your choice, video output for streaming. Free version comes with a huge watermark. Seems to be the new cool thing.
  • MSI Afterburner - Free and lightweight recording (and not only) tool. Allows you to play on original framerate and record at different one (unlike Fraps which limits you to recording framerate).
  • Xfire - IM/overlay for gamers - one of it's features is video recording
  • GameBooster (3.5.0 beta) - frees system resources by closing unnecessary applications/services etc; offers video recording, screen capture, FPS and temperature monitoring starting from version 3.5
  • (Feel free to add ones that you use and like.)

Screenshot records[edit]

If you'd rather record data with discrete images, be aware that GW2's screenshot function hides tooltips, which makes it useless for capturing skill and item descriptions. Some alternatives:

  • Many of the programs listed above can also take screenshots, including Fraps (free version only saves to uncompressed BMP format), Afterburner, Xfire (easy uploading to, and GameBooster.
  • Steam - free download, very tiny CPU overhead. Just add GW2 to your library as a non-Steam game. Has a built-in screenshot manager with integrated uploading to your account on the Steam Community.
  • Even just playing in "Windowed Fullscreen" mode in options allows the print screen button to copy to the clipboard, which can then easily be pasted into Paint or any image editor.


We will be using IRC as one of the chat channels for organization; go here to access #gw2w irc


  • Skills
  • Maps
    • mapping major cities and missing npc vendors/locations (missing npcs in Hoelbrak, Black Citadel, (Rata Sum? Grove?) if possible during BWE2, other than that focussing on teamed sPvP) by Ee
    • Kenrid will concentrate on Divinity's Reach for mapping and NPCs.
  • Character creation
    • Extensive gallery to be created by Infinite.
  • /Personal stories
    • Thervold will attempt to fill in the first three storyline events for each choice if time allows
    • Kenrid will do Norn Cunning/Revenge storyline quests.
  • Events by Ge4ce
  • NPC Collector (Karma, Tokens)
  • Crafting
  • Items
    • Note: The value in the tooltip is the value for the entire stack of items. So a stack of 9 Small Totems would show as 27 Copper coin in the tooltip when they are 3 Copper coin each.
  • Other stuff