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Auto-capitalize sucks. --zeeZ 15:43, 24 August 2010 (UTC)


Order of preference[edit]

  1. Rangecharr
  2. Charrior
  3. Charrdian
  4. Mescharr? Charrmer? I'll just call him Charrles.
  5. Elemencharrlist
  6. Necromancharr
  7. Encharrneer
  8. Thief.


  • Charrmando
  • Charrdowmancer
  • Alcharrmist


Charr names! Because coming up with one on your own is less entertaining 95% of the time.

TOTALLY WAY unOFFICIAL RELEASE DATE (No, not a rick roll, trololo or any other thing that pops up and is annoying) -- 100% less random and fancy, now that we have a proper release date :(

Emblem generator! Because I wanted to figure out how it was done!

Listen to the Guild Wars 2 Wiki! A little experiment Stéphane pestered me into :D


Yes, this place is random. I like it. Speaking of random, if you ever need to make up a random number, follow those rules:

  • It's 95%.
  • It's always 95%.
  • Except for Mondays, it's 96% on Mondays.

This is right 95% of the time! (Please clear cache to receive accurate numbers)


Though possibly related to Scholar Zeez, this person does not have arachnophobia.

PAX South announcement speculation (with the help of #gww)[edit]

A new expansion will lead us to Cantha. The plot will roughly go as follows: