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Beta Weekend Events[edit]

My 1st Beta weekend impressions.

My 2nd Beta weekend impressions.

Don't hold back, tell us how you REALLY feel! llandale 02:05, 12 June 2012 (UTC)

My Final Beta weekend impressions.

My GW2 rant[edit]



Now if you are reading this then you are either a user page stalker (for which you are more than welcomed to stay and read) or I linked you here because you were trying to coax me into playing the game after I said no many times.

I say that I don’t want to play any more and raise some complaints and I am immediately bombarded by friends, family, and misc peeps from forums that there is something wrong with me, that I didn’t give the game a chance, that I’m a WoWtard. Really? There is something wrong with me that I don’t like to be bored to death while trying to desperately find something to do that’s fun so that my 60$ doesn’t feel wasted? "Oh you are just bitter and incapable of experiencing joy, and you must be clinically depressed". Really? I find watching anime & movies, cooking, drawing, going out, eating out, shooting, blowing stuff up at the lab, etc quite enjoyable. There are a ton of things that i want to do every day, every week. I even find cleaning, doing dishes, and organizing stuff on my desk more fun than playing GW2 at this point.

I’ve already wasted over 100 hours in this game, how many more hours do I need to waste until I like this game? I think giving it more than 100 hours is enough to give it a “chance”, and to experience enough of the game to know that I don’t like it. "Oh you are just not seeing how great GW2 is!" Would you like to strap me down to my chair and force me to play this game until I slit my wrist just to get away from it?

As for WoW, I only played it for a grand total of 45 minutes before I got bored and closed it. Granted, I never really gave it a chance, but open world MMO’s were never really my thing. I’ve tried others like AION, Aika, Silkroad, etc and never made it far before getting bored...I lasted the longest on Aika online for a whopping 4 days of half hearted gaming. Yes I played GW1 for over 5000 hours but that’s not really a open world MMO. It’s a cooperative team based, online RPG game and as such it is very different from the likes of GW2 or WoW. My real background in gaming are the action type games. FPS, 3rd person shooters, action combat games etc... My first game I’ve ever played was wolfenstein 3D, then street fighter series, tekken, soul calibur, doom series, halflife, counter strike, half life 2, call of duty. I also really liked many of the sandbox games like simcity, and mainly the sims and downloading all kinds of mods that I can find to customise my sim’s looks and style. I was also a big fan of the baldur’s gate series, fallout series, and even fallout 3, morrowind, oblivion; with the latter 3 being so moddable you can make you character look like anything you want with any clothing combination possible. But now I’m currently playing two action online RPG’s called Vindictus and Dragon Nest. So no, I’m not a WoWtard.

Now I don’t think GW2 is absolute garbage with no chance of it getting better. It still has a lot of promise and potential to still be very different from other generic open world MMO’s. I know there are still a ton of people that are still genuinely having fun playing the game. But at the moment, GW2 just isn’t my thing, so I’m taking a break from it for at least 6+months before I try to delve into it again.

TLDR: No means no. No doesn't mean maybe or yes, it means no.