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This is a compilation of the story-related dialogues and conversations pertaining to Phase 2 of the Lost Shores event, from the second Lion's Arch invasion to the establishment of Camp Karka.

Second Invasion of Lion's Arch[edit]

Initial conversation before event
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: So, do we get to see this marvelous new weapon of yours in action, or was it all asuran technobabble?
Inspector Ellen Kiel: It's ready, sir. We wanted to put it through its paces before we demonstrated it.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Paces, schmaces. Just let 'er rip. The Ship's Council is getting itchy. We need results.
Head Researcher Levvi: If you rush us into making a mistake, we'll have far bigger problems than your council.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: (grunts) I suppose you're right. You may fire when ready. Just be ready soon.
Workers constructing the catapult
That's it. We have everything we need. Get your team to work.
All right, you lot! You heard the boss let's get this weapon built! I want to see some sweat.
Look at that beauty! Well done. Gather your crew. First round at the Lion's Shadow Inn is on me!
Worker: I...Thanks, boss.
Using Lionguard Solvent Container
Your weapons have been coated with a solvent that can dissolve a karka's shell
Upon completing the event
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Take aim...and fire!
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Bear's fuzzy backside, it worked! Turned that beastie's shell into mush right before our eyes.
Head Researcher Levvi: Don't sound so surprised. With proper research and planning, results like this come naturally.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: I'm not surprised, you bitter little pill, I'm elated. The karka's gone, scuttled off to who knows where, and now we know how to fight it.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Actually, sir, I think I know exactly where it went. Canach! Get over here and start sharing.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: This sylvari has information on how this karka mess began. Start talking, Canach.
Canach: Very well. Weeks ago, I sent an expedition to an unknown island to the south. They were to ready an asura gate as part of the Consortium's development plans.
Canach: My team never returned. The gate remains inactive, and wreckage from their ship started washing up not long before the karka attacks began.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We think whatever Canach's crew did on that island provoked the karka. They struck back at the nearest possible target: us.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: You lost a ship and its entire crew weeks ago? And you're just telling us about it now? Your little secret put the entire city at risk.
Subdirector Noll: If I may, Captain: Canach works for the Consortium, not the city. He is contractually bound by our most comprehensive nondisclosure agreement.
Subdirector Noll: The Consortium has to protect its investments at every stage of development. It's a matter of commerce, I'm sure you understand.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: This intrigue can wait. What I want now is a detail sent after that karka. Track it back to its lair and kill it while it's licking its wounds.
Subdirector Noll: That island is private property. I cannot sign off on any military endeavor unless it includes a Consortium representative.
Head Researcher Levvi: You'll need me and my krewe, too. Nobody knows more about the karka than we do.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Kiel! As long as you kill that thing and prevent any future attacks, you can bring along as many of these idiots as you like. We'll sort out blame and punishment later.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Understood. Lionguard! Squad formation. Board the ships and get ready to fight. This time, we're on the offensive.

Southsun Cove Invasion[edit]

Secure the beach between landing points Lion and Pride[edit]

Starting to clear the beach and set siege
Inspector Ellen Kiel: All right. Secure this beach, and then the karka-kicking can begin.
Deputy Bixx: Watch your step. It looks like this area's been mined.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We won't be stopped here.
Talking to Canach on the boat during the invasion
I've admitted my mistake, but I deny the Lionguard's right to punish me. The Captain's Council has done much worse to secure their positions.
Talk more option tango.png
That doesn't excuse what you did.
I am Secondborn sylvari; I don't make excuses. What's done is done. Punishing me for it benefits no one. However, if I am alive and free, I can atone and make restitution to the city.
Talk end option tango.png
Good luck convincing Kiel of that. And Magnus.
Talk end option tango.png
Maybe. But at least they were smart enough not to get caught.
After the killing the veteran karka
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We're making progress. Don't let up!
After the first siege location has been secured
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We won't be stopped here.
After both siege locations have been secured
Deputy Foedaunt: Our siege weapons are set up. Shoot to kill!
After the Champion Karka is defeated at Kiel's Outpost, completing Secure the beach between landing points Lion and Pride
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Good work, team! But we're just getting started.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We're going to need trails blazed across this island for our troops and supply trains.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Deputy, get our base of operations up and running. Move!

Help Inspector Kiel build roads through the terrain[edit]

As Kiel's Outpost is being built by workers
Inspector Ellen Kiel: The beach is ours. Now we need to dig in and work out our next move.
Advisor Okk: I'd like to reiterate that the Lionguard has no ownership claim, and therefore no authority, on this beach or the greater island.
Deputy Foedaunt: Shut your face, flunky. Lion's Arch is in danger, and we're the Lionguard. That's all the authority we need.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: He's right, until this urgent threat has been dealt with, this is a Lionguard operation.
Advisor Okk: That is a point. The Consortium is of course grateful for your assistance during this...unique situation.
After Kiel's Outpost is constructed
Deputy Foedaunt: Okay, we're all set here. What's the plan?
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We need to know the lay of the land before we push further in.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Listen up! I need two scouting parties to form up and head out now.
At first group of trees/enemies (not in chat log)
Lionguard Scout: Let's clear a path through here. Our troops need an easier route across this miserable rock.
At second group of trees/enemies (not in chat log)
Advisor Lorcan: We're pushing through. Clear out anything that gets in our way.
At third group of trees/enemies (not in chat log)
Deputy Foedaunt: C'mon, Lionguard, let's get that trail cleared.
After Help Inspector Kiel build roads through the terrain event is over, midway through Dappled Shores
Advisor Okk: Our intelligence shows that the lost expedition most likely set up camp to the south. I need to inspect that site.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We're here for the karka, sir, not camps. You can inspect all you like after the threat has been neutralized.
Advisor Okk: You have your priorities, Inspector, and I have mine. I'm visiting that camp. Good luck with your mission.
Deputy Foedaunt: Same to you, idiot. Good luck being eaten alive. That'll really protect your precious investment.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Let him go, Deputy. If he wants to explore without Lionguard protection, that's his business. We've got work to do. Team! Move out!

Push farther inland with Inspector Kiel[edit]

After reaching canyon
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We won't be stopped here.
While defending the workers building the bridge
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We're making progress. Don't let up!

Escort the Consortium advisors to the lost camp[edit]

Approaching Advisor Okk after splitting from the Lionguard
Advisor Okk: You there. I need your services. Be aware that no agreement exists to compensate you for your assistance in this matter.
After starting event
Advisor Okk: Stay close to me. I have too much potential to be lost in some local nonsense.
Advisor Okk: No, this isn't right. Let me see... Yes. This way.
Advisor Okk: If only the Consortium had granted my funding request for a golem positions system.
Arriving at Pearl Islet
Advisor Okk: My calculations were correct. This place is precisely where I surmised we would find it.
Advisor Okk: Obviously, what happened here was suboptimal for everyone involved.
Advisor Okk: We need to salvage what we can to ensure that the tragic loss of personnel wasn't in vain.
Advisor Okk: But don't worry. This will all be worth it when we get our bonus. Trust me.