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Phase 3 of The Lost Shores started on 18 November 2012. Players faced the Ancient Karka in a final attempt to defeat it. This was a one-time set of events that took several hours to complete. The results of the fight can be seen in Southsun Cove today.

The Lost Shores meta event[edit]

Youtube.png The Lost Shores/Phase 3 has a video on YouTube.

Inspector Ellen Kiel

The Final Push

This is it, deputies. The Lionguard have secured a foothold on Southsun Cove and we're ready to end the karka threat once and for all. The attack will launch from Canach's Folly in the Scoured Plains, so if you want to be a part of it, get yourself to Southsun Cove. This is our one and only chance to eliminate the ancient karka, so I hope to see you there, living up to the Lion's Arch motto: From ruin, we prosper.

—Inspector Ellen Kiel

The Lionguard's final assault on the ancient karka is beginning. The mission launches from Canach's Folly on the Scoured Plains of Southsun Cove.

Interactive map

  • A Lionguard demolitions team is advancing on the karka nesting ground and planting explosives inside the karka hive.
  • The ancient karka has avoided the Lionguard's siege weapons. They are attempting to drive it back to its nesting grounds.
  • The ancient karka has retreated inside its hive. The Lionguard are in pursuit and are determined to take it down.
  • The ancient karka has been defeated. The Sea of Sorrows is quiet once again.

Escort the Demolition Squad[edit]

Large laser cannons and a camp has been set up in the Scoured Plains in preparation for the final assault. The event began with the escort of the Lionguard demolition squad through multiple Champion Karka into the Karka Hive, per the Protect the Lionguard demolition squad event.

After setting all of the charges, players escorted the demolitionists back to the camp. When the event ended, the Ancient Karka appeared, but not in the Karka Hive.

Driving the Ancient Karka to the Karka Hive[edit]

Players had to fight the Ancient Karka and use a variety of means to drive it back to the Hive so that the Lionguard's tools could be used to full effect. The Ancient Karka did not take much damage otherwise, so players were forced to use them.

Players collapsed a large tree on it, stuffed steam vents full of nest debris to launch it at the Ancient Karka, caused a rockslide on the Karka, and even exploded gas vents to drive it into the Hive, per the Maneuver the ancient karka back toward its nesting grounds event. The Ancient Karka summoned multiple sets of reinforcements to protect itself during these stages.

Defeating the Ancient Karka[edit]

After driving the Ancient Karka into the Hive, it moved to the top of the Hive. Players had to run to the top and remove the webbing now covering the explosives to drive the Ancient Karka to the bottom. Once the explosives triggered, the Ancient Karka fled to the bottom of the Hive. Halfway down, the Ancient Karka stopped, and players needed to remove the webbing on the second set of explosives before continuing.

Players pursued the Ancient Karka to the bottom of the Hive, where it became attackable.

Once the Ancient Karka was out of health, players at this point had the option to use "Finish Them!", the stomp normally reserved for sPvP. The Ancient Karka fell into lava underneath the rocks and sank, before climbing back up to die covered in now-hardened rock that is still present.

As a reward for this series of events, players received a special Grand Chest containing random rares and exotics, as well as an Ancient Karka Chest.


While demolitionists are moving towards hive
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Why isn't our weapon up and running yet?
Weapons Engineer: I need more time...more tests. I'm not yet confident that-
Shortly after entering the Hive with Demolitionists
Lionguard Demolitionist Tawel: Stay clear of those creatures. We don't want our explosives going off prematurely.
At various points inside the Hive
Lionguard Demolitionist Tawel: All right, let's set charges here.
Lionguard Demolitionist Yeex: This spot is good enough. Set some charges here.
Lionguard Demolitionist Yeex: Oh terrific. This is just what we needed: more of those creatures.
Lionguard Demolitionist Yeex: Here's good. Place the explosives.
Lionguard Demolitionist Yeex: That's the last of them. We're set!
Lionguard Demolitionist Tawel: And not a moment too soon. Let's get out of here.
While driving the Ancient Karka to the Hive
Inspector Ellen Kiel: It's moving out of range! Get that thing back to where we can shoot it!
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We're making progress. Don't let up!
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Don't let up, and keep it in our line of fire. The more we hit it, the better.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: That's it! Keep driving it back.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Push the karka back towards its nest. The siege weapons will finish it off.
At the start of the final event
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Nice work. It's gone to ground. Now to finish the job!
After the Ancient Karka is in position
Lionguard (male): We need to hold that thing here long enough for the explosives to seal it in.
After second set of explosives
Lionguard (male): That's it. Just a bit longer!
Once the Ancient Karka was out of health
Lionguard (male): This is it. Detonate now! Now!
When the Ancient Karka is killed
Lionguard (male): We did it!
Lionguard (female): It's dead! We did it! Not so "unbreakable" now, are you?
After the death of the Ancient Karka
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We did it, but this doesn't feel like a victory. The karka weren't a threat until Canach and the Consortium provoked them.
Head Researcher Levvi: I concur: this was entirely avoidable. And I'd like to continue my research so we can avoid any future karka problems.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: You're both crazy. We know how to kill these sea bugs. What else do you need to know?
Head Researcher Levvi: More. Much, much more. And if you let Kiel help me, we can study the karka and keep an eye on the Consortium.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Hmm. That has potential. I'll run it past the Ship's Council. With my endorsement, we might be able to put you to some good use.


  • The meta event took place when phase 3 started and it was designed to run exactly once only.