Subdue and capture 2-MULT

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Subdue and capture 2-MULT

Timberline Falls
(Shiverpeak Mountains)
Event type
Guild Bounty (map icon).png
Group event
Part of
Guild Bounty
Event maps
2-MULT's path.jpg

2-MULT's pathing.

Subdue and capture 2-MULT is a guild bounty event that can occur anywhere in Timberline Falls. It can only be started by a player who's in a guild with 2-MULT selected as a bounty.


  • 2-MULT
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event fist (tango icon).png
  • Event fails if target the escapes.
  • Time before escape: 11:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 5,013
266 Karma.png 62 Copper coin
Silver 4,261
226 Karma.png 53 Copper coin
Bronze 3,760
200 Karma.png 46 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 55 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


  • 2-MULT can feel like a difficult target, especially for smaller groups or guilds, due to the spinning mechanic he employs every 25% of health lost. Some helpful skills to bring are skills that give stability and stun breaks. Also waiting until 2-MULT is nearer to a waypoint before engaging him can be very helpful.
  • At 75%, 50% and 25% health, 2-MULT will begin spinning his torso and arms, acquiring an Overload buff, which makes him immune to damage. During this phase, he throws lightning orbs that stun players briefly and cause damage, as well as throwing out Spark minions. Killing the Sparks causes them to drop Unstable Material, which can then be picked up and thrown at 2-MULT. Once he has been hit with 5 of these Unstable Materials in rapid succession, his Overload buff will be removed and he can once again be damaged.
    • 2-MULT will throw the lightning orbs more rapidly depending on how many players are present to scale up his difficulty. This can make it very difficult to throw Unstable Material at him during his spinning phases unless players have stability, as their throws can be interrupted by the orbs.
    • The ideal situation is to remove his Overload buff by throwing Unstable Material as quickly as possible, as 2-MULT does the majority of his damage during these spinning phases, and can easily wipe a party. This is where being near a waypoint will be very useful for keeping him in combat.
  • The Unstable Material will remain on the ground for a short time before disappearing, and this can be used to great advantage.
  • One strategy is to allow 2-MULT to remain in his first spinning phase at 75% for a short time, killing as many Sparks as possible and causing a surplus buildup of Unstable Material on the ground.
    • As many of the team as possible then pick up an Unstable Material and simultaneously throw it at 2-MULT to give the best possible chance of removing his Overload buff quickly, in the event that some are interrupted. The team can then quickly damage 2-MULT to 50%, when he will then spawn yet more Sparks.
      • If your group is large enough and has enough damage, it can be helpful to have a number of players pick up an Unstable Material just before 2-MULT begins the 50% health phase, that way they are prepared to throw immediately when the Overload buff appears.
    • There should still be enough Unstable Material from the first phase for the team to simultaneously throw to remove his Overload again, whereon players can then kill the newly spawned Sparks to create another surplus of Unstable Material for the final phase at 25% health.




Event starts
2-MULT: Target—reassignment: hostile.
When 2-MULT hits 75%
2-MULT: Combat—protocols—active. Restricted—weaponry—unlocked. Prepare—for—death. Have—a—nice—die.
When 2-MULT hits 50%
2-MULT: Threat—detected! Hostile—response—activated!
When 2-MULT hits 25%
2-MULT: Weapon—malfunction. Beginning—recalibration. Acquiring—targets.
Event success
2-MULT: Error. Code—46: logic—fault. Combat—mode—terminated. on event success.
Event failure
2-MULT: Operational — parameters — complete