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Serenity's Cove

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Serenity's Cove

Point of Interest
Dragon's Domain
(Dragon's Stand)
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Serenity's Cove is a peak to the north of Dragon's Domain. It overlooks the resting place of the Mouth of Mordremoth after his defeat at the hands of the Pact.

Getting there[edit]

  • While it is intended to be reached with Advanced Gliding, it is possible, if difficult, to reach this location with just basic gliding: jump off a small ledge by the Pact chopper by the Mordremoth's Vantage Point of Interest and glide straight at the area above the vista.

Related achievements[edit]

  • Dragon's Stand.png Dragon's Stand: Dragon's Stand OverviewerUse advanced gliding to reach the farthest overlook of Mordremoth's domain. (1Achievement pointsHeart of Thorns mastery point)
    • Granted upon reaching the small area containing the Point of Interest map marker.