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Disambig icon.png This article is about equipment with a proper name. For named trinkets that cannot be equipped in pairs, see Unique.

Named equipment is equipment with a proper name that also has a specific rarity, level, and set of attribute bonuses. Nearly all named weapons are level 80 exotics, and the rest are precursors and legendaries.


Fine and masterwork

Named items of fine and masterwork rarity can be obtained as drops in dungeons, from world boss chests, and sometimes by combining items in the Mystic Forge.

Rare and exotic

Named equipment can drop from world boss chests (either boss or bonus ones), from standard chests, and as loot. Some named armor and weapons can also drop from the Mystic Forge, by combining four rare or exotic items with an average level of 75 or higher. There are also Mystic Forge recipes for creating specific items, including mystic weapons.


Each piece of ascended equipment is named and the various sources are covered under list of ascended equipment.

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