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Disambig icon.png This article is about the lore profession. For other uses, see Monk. For the modern, playable profession, see Guardian.

Monks are one of the oldest known professions on Tyria.


Guild Wars[edit]

Guild Wars 2[edit]

In Central Tyria, the monk profession has been all but replaced by guardians, who have evolved from a mixture of the older, heavily-armored, supportive dervishes and paragons of Elona, ritualists of Cantha, and the deeply religious monks.[1][2]

End of Dragons[edit]

In Cantha, many people still devoted to the teaching of monks can be found, from the Shing Jea Monastery to the very border of the Canthan empire.


Monks historically created a direct link to the human gods and divine spirits[3] to heal and shield allies from harm. They were known to often use the divine favor they earned in order to further heal allies. Despite their generally peaceful nature, they could deal harm via praying for the God of Fire and War Balthazar to smite their foes.[4] With the gods leaving Tyria, it is unknown how they now channel magic.

Despite being blessed primarily by the Goddess of Light Dwayna, some monks also channeled the wrath of Balthazar in the form of smiting prayers. These abilities were particularly effective against undead and demonic creatures.[5][6] Monks also had the duty of telling the loved ones of fallen individuals of their passing, a task which many considered to be their most unpleasant.[7] They will often receive the task of creating remedies from medicinal plants.[8]

Notable monks
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