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Pact Mentor

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Pact Mentor.png

Pact Mentor

Central Tyria mastery point

Central Tyria
Pact Commander

Before completion: Learn to be a mentor to the heroes of Tyria, gaining a special Mentoring Badge, chat title, and swiftness for you and your party in all cities. 

After completion: You can now use the Mentoring Badge accessible in the Party menu and the Mentor chat title activated through the mentor slash command. Your party now has a permanent 5% swiftness bonus in cities.

— In-game description


  • Applies Leader of the Pact I to all members of your party in cities.
  • The mentor badge can be activated either from the party window or with /mentor. When active, an icon is visible above the player's head and on the minimap. Active mentors will have "Mentor" printed before their name in chat.