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Memories of Vlast

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Memories of Vlast

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Account Bound
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Double-click to listen from the final messages from Vlast. Not usable in instances.

— In-game description


Vlast from the Past Path of Fire: Act 1 5Achievement points
Collect all of Vlast's scattered memory crystals.Story Mission: The Sacrifice
Reward:Memories of Vlast.png Memories of Vlast
Collected All of Vlast's Crystals 5Achievement points
  • Extra copies may be obtained by speaking with Adisa.


Vlast: To hold the weapon is to hold the fate of Tyria in your hands—the power to change the shape of the world.
Vlast: Potent enough to fell the Elder Dragons. Its might should not be taken lightly.
Vlast: It was created so mortals could do the work of dragons, of our line.
Vlast: To combat cataclysmic power and prevent the destruction of all life.
Vlast: He seeks it for the wrong purpose. We're not ready.
Vlast: My sister, the mantle is heavy—at times, too heavy to bear. But Mother believed, so we must endure.
Vlast: If you discover yourself—
Vlast: If you've found these crystals, it means I've failed before we met. For this, I apologize.
Vlast: I would have enjoyed the company in the desert skies.
Vlast: I hear you have chosen a Champion. They will need this when the world tips.
Vlast: The death of the jungle dragon has accelerated our sire's rise.
Vlast: The god of fire continues to pursue me. I fear he may get the weapon—if he does, the consequences will be...unpredictable.
Vlast: I would have destroyed it, but Mother forbade me. But she never foresaw this crisis. The right path eludes me.
Vlast: I feel trapped in this this "legacy." I yearn for freedom, but I cannot turn away from these responsibilities.
Vlast: To do so would doom the mortal races to certain destruction. And perhaps myself as well.
Vlast: But then again...there is a kind of freedom in death, is there not?
Vlast: Kralkatorrik continues to grow in power, and our mother's death remains unavenged. When the time comes to—
Vlast: I wonder, Sister...are your Exalted attendants shaping you as they shaped me? Have their words taken hold of your heart?
Vlast: Do you feel the weight of those words grow heavier with every passing moment?
Vlast: Some advice: if you grow weary of your caretakers, offer a hiss or a swat of your tail and watch them scatter.
Vlast: Do not let them—or yourself—forget what you are.
Vlast: Your Champion...fills me with curiosity. Perhaps because my own never appeared.
Vlast: The Exalted gave me purpose, but no true connection to it.
Vlast: I hope you fare better, my sister. I hope you feel full of purpose. Most days, all I feel is anger.