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Legendary Blue Dynamic Assault Knight

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Legendary Blue Dynamic Assault Knight

The Legendary Blue Dynamic Assault Knight was a foe encountered during the Battle for Lion's Arch living world event. They guarded the entrance to The Breachmaker, where Scarlet Briar was located and fought. There were three different versions, but all versions had identical attacks and strategies. Upon defeating each of the three Knights, players could get the Prime Light Attunement.


Historical location[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Blue Boss3.png
[Group Event] Eliminate the blue Dynamic Assault Knight (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Mode Changes
  • Removes Conditions
  • Reflects Conditions
  • Knockdown
  • Assault Hammer, Hammer Head, Hammer Smash
    • Basic cleaving melee attack chain. Hammer Smash inflicts Knockdown.png Knockdown.
  • Explosive Impact
    • A short range PBAoE stomp that inflicts Burning.png Burning on the way up, then damage and Knockback.png Knockback upon landing.
  • Extraction
    • A large AoE Radius.png Pull. The range is so far that moving out of range is nearly impossible. Players must dodge right as the AoE marker disappears to avoid it. Always followed by Hammer Swing
  • Hammer Swing (warrior skill) Hammer Swing (warrior skill)
    • Melee attack that inflicts Daze.png Daze. Always used after Extraction.


Note that the following drops are not dropped by the knights themselves, but are awarded once after the three Assault Knight events are completed, but only if at least one knight was killed.

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