Holo Branded Hydra

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Holo Branded Hydra is a Holographic Dragon Minion created for Dragon Bash.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Summons Meteors
  • Summons Minions
  • Charges

DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png

  • Crystal Meteor - Meteors that stun foes when it lands. After a delay, the meteors explode, dealing damage, and leaving behind Flame Pools. The Pools pulse damage, as well as Slow.png Slow and Torment.png Torment
  • Claw - A melee attack that applies Bleeding.png Bleeding.
  • Crystallized Charge - A charging attack that knocks back, and leaves a trail of purple flames that applied Crippled.png Crippled.
  • Crystalline Breath - A large cone attack that knocks back and applies Torment.png Torment.
Stolen skills

Related achievements[edit]