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Wayfinder Mastery

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Wayfinder Mastery.png

Wayfinder Mastery

Secrets of the Obscure mastery point

Secrets of the Obscure
Astral Ward

Before completion: Train this mastery to gain bonus effects:
• Add new services to the Wizard's Tower to upgrade Obsidian armor or to exchange various map currencies and materials.
• Open arcane chests with ease.
• Provide some protections against Eparch in the Citadel of Zakiros.
• Loot a daily coffer from the Into the Spider's Lair meta-event that contains particularly rare items. 

After completion: Mastery over the Horn of Maguuma has granted multiple bonuses:
Junior Archivist's Aide Conri can enhance Obsidian armor with a cosmetic upgrade! He can be found next to the Forge of Timelessness.
Gharr Leadclaw can exchange currency, materials, and more! He can be found west of Empyrean Plaza next to a thornsprout bloom.
• Arcane chests take significantly less time to open.
• You are able to reduce the rate of emotion stacks Eparch consumes.
• Successful completions of the Into the Spider's Lair meta-event grant a daily reward that contains particularly rare items.

— In-game description