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Historic content quaggan icon.png This page contains information about a Guild Wars 2 skill that has remained the same since its introduction. (This article duplicates the information in the main article.)

September 23, 2017

Original version

Engage Photon Forge.png

Engage Photon Forge

1 Recharge time  

Engineer tango icon 20px.png Engineer (skill list)
Holosmith tango icon 20px.png Holosmith
Parent skill
Photon Projector.png
 Photon Projector
Profession mechanic
Engage Photon Forge.png
Deactivate Photon Forge.png
Game link

Activate your Photon Forge, gaining access to new skills. Generate heat while Photon Forge is active. Take damage if you overheat. Disables use of kits for a short duration.

 Heat.png Heat per Second: 2%
 Heat.png Maximum Heat: 100
 Duration.png Kit disable time: 6s

— In-game description [?]