Drive off the Separatists raiding Warhound Village

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Drive off the Separatists raiding Warhound Village

Interactive map

Interactive map

Drive off the Separatists raiding Warhound Village is a level 51 event that occurs in Harvester's Glade.


  • Separatist morale: x%
  • Raid leader arrives in: 5:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 4,065 Experience.png 248 Karma.png 58 Copper coin
Silver 3,455 Experience.png 211 Karma.png 49 Copper coin
Bronze 3,049 Experience.png 186 Karma.png 43 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 51 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


Warhound Village will be attacked from multiple directions by Separitists. Groups of four random Separatist enemies will attack from west, east, and south. Defeating separatists will decrease the morale. Killing enough separatists will complete the event successfully. Failing the event will cause the raid leader to take over the village.





Humans (Separatists)


Upon event start
Iron Legion Marksman: Separatists!
Maxnar Warhorns: The village is being raided! Where's the rest of your warband, legionnaire?
Legionnaire Rockflinger: On leave. We came to kill Flame Legion and it's done. Why don't you villagers do something helpful for once?
Separatist Raid Lieutenant: Ain't no treaty gonna save you now, mirderer!
Prangor Warclaws: You lazy Iron Legion cub! I'd put an axe between your ears if it wouldn't dull the edge.
Maxnar Warhorns: Forget it, we don't need him or his soldiers. Let's kill these mice, me and you, just like the old days!
Prangor Warclaws: Yes! Pounding the ground
Maxnar Warhorns: ...and spilling blood in the mud! (ROAR!)
Legionnaire Rockflinger: Raving old lunatics.
After fending off the attack
Maxnar Warhorns: Heh, heh, look at the humans run! Takes me back to the good old days...well, I think.
Prangor Warclaws: Hey, Legionnaire! While you were busy grooming your claws, we drove off the Separatists.
Legionnaire Rockflinger: Congratulations. You want a medal or something?
Prangor Warclaws: No, I want you to get off your hindquarters and send a warband after those raiders.
Maxnar Warhorns: We've got them on the run. It's the perfect opportunity to finish them off!
Legionnaire Rockflinger: And my soldiers aren't going anywhere without official orders. And you old fossils aren't authorized for duty!
Maxnar Warhorns: Orders? A hairball like you is giving us orders? You stupid son of a-
Legionnaire Rockflinger: Calm down, old timer. I don't want you keeling over now. Just keep out of danger, got it?
Maxnar Warhorns: Tired of this sideline duty. I remember when we marched in mighty rows, burning cities and killing thousands in a day.
Prangor Warclaws: With your memory? Yeah, right. Face it, the only enemy we got now is age.
Maxnar Warhorns: Not if I can help it. We got another one. Those Separatists, they have to be nearby!
Prangor Warclaws: I dunno. We're not as young as we used to be.
Maxnar Warhorns: I may not remember much these days, but I still know how to fight. C'mon. One last march, one last victory.
Prangor Warclaws: Haven't felt that thrill of battle in ages. I don't care if I die in battle. Yeah, anything's better than standing around here.
Iron Legion Marksman: Then let's do this. For the legion!