Raid the Separatist camp with the Warhound Village veterans

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Raid the Separatist camp with the Warhound Village veterans

Interactive map

Interactive map

Raid the Separatist camp with the Warhound Village veterans is a level 51 event that takes place in Sunken Halls of Clarent. You track down Separatists with two charr looking for one last fight.


  • Maxnar Warhorns
  • Event bar.jpg
  • Prangor Warclaws
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Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 4,065 Experience.png 248 Karma.png 58 Copper coin
Silver 3,455 Experience.png 211 Karma.png 49 Copper coin
Bronze 3,049 Experience.png 186 Karma.png 43 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 51 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


Maxnar Warhorns and Prangnor will discuss tracking down the raiders that attacked the village, concluding old age will not stop their pride as charr. Scruffy the warhound assists the charr with their search for the Separitist camp. Along the way, you encounter the remnants of a Flame Legion ritual. Some embers will spawn along with two Flame Legion Books. After defeating the embers, you will find the entrance to a cave guarded by a Separatist Stormcaller. The group sets out to raid the underground camp, destroying supplies and slaying any Separatists in the way. Maxnar Warhorns will set bombs along the area. Once the timer is set the group makes their way out through the underwater tunnel as the cavern collapses behind. Maxnar Warhorns will remain outside and sell you Explosive Charges.





Upon event start
Iron Legion Marksman: More raiders, look out!
Maxnar Warhorns: Good boy! Now find more!
After finding the Flame Legion camp
Maxnar Warhorns: Hey, have a look at this.
Prangor Warclaws: I never really respected Iron Legion, but they know how to knock these smokesuckers around.
Maxnar Warhorns: Let's see if there's any left for us!
Maxnar Warhorns: Nah, nothing left but stupid Flame Legion junk!
Maxnar Warhorns: Yeah, leave it to the Iron Legion to leave a job half done.
Prangor Warclaws: Hey, I think the hound is back on the trail!
Reaching the Separatist camp
Maxnar Warhorns: Well, well, what have we here?
Prangor Warclaws: Looks like a human camp. A poorly guarded human camp.
Maxnar Warhorns: I think it's time for a look around.
Maxnar Warhorns: Surprise!
Prangor Warclaws: What, are we interrupting something here?
Prangor Warclaw: What's wrong, mice? Thought you wanted to settle the scores.
Maxnar Warhorns: Looks like they've been training. Heh heh. Too bad it doesn't show.
Prangor Warclaw: Dead end? What kind of hidden camp only has one exit?
Maxnar Warhorns: That ain't as easy as it used to be. Let's finish these rodents off so I can take a nap.
Maxnar Warhorns: That's a job well done, eh?
Prangor Warclaw: Not quite. There's one more thing to do.
Maxnar Warhorns: Hey, now there's an idea! Let's get out of here before that fuse goes out.
Prangor Warclaw: What fuse?
Maxnar Warhorns: You crotchety dolyak! I hate swimming!.
After blowing up the camp and escaping
Prangor Warclaws: You ever wonder why we made it? Me and you, ain't that many left who are our age.
Maxnar Warhorns: (sigh) It's like they say: You got your old charr...
Prangor Warclaws: ...and you got your bold charr, but not a whole lot of...
Maxnar Warhorns: ...old and bold!
Prangor Warclaws: Old! Bold! Charr!
Reviving the NPCs
Maxnar Warhorns: I'm up! I'm up!
Prangor Warclaws: I'm fine! I'm fine!