Draconis Mons Master

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Draconis Mons Master is a Legendary Trinkets collection achievement to gain the Draconis Mons Hero medal, a requirement for creating Aurora. This collection is one of seven in the Aurora: Awakening achievement set.


Draconis Mons Master Legendary Trinkets 3Achievement points
Collect all 14 items to prove your mastery over Draconis Mons.
Unlock Item:Sentient Seed.png Sentient Seed
Reward:Draconis Mons Hero.png Draconis Mons Hero
Collected 14 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Houndskin Mantle.png Heavy Houndskin Mantle Complete Flashpoint Mastery.
The Wayfarer's Henge.png The Wayfarer's Henge Complete the Wayfarer's Henge achievement.
Friend of Noran.png Scouting Party Supporter Help the scouting party in Draconis Mons.
Friend of Noran.png Fiery Liberator Help the prisoners in Draconis Mons.
Friend of Noran.png Enemy of the Inquest Infiltrate the inquest in Draconis Mons.
Friend of Noran.png Friend of Golems Assist the ancient golems in Draconis Mons.
Searing Ascender.png Searing Ascender Complete the Searing Ascent in Draconis Mons.
Ancient Asuran Wrench.png Ancient Asuran Wrench Defeat the devourer champion in Draconis Mons.
Depleted Power Source.png Depleted Power Source Found in Zinn's stashes in Draconis Mons.
Ignis Heart.png Ignis Heart Obtained after defeating the legendary destroyer Ignis in Draconis Mons.
Aestus Heart.png Aestus Heart Obtained after defeating the legendary destroyer Aestus in Draconis Mons.
Bloodstone-Charged Lava Wurm Scale.png Bloodstone-Charged Lava Wurm Scale Obtained after defeating the bloodstone-charged lava wurm in Draconis Mons.
Spirit Bough.png Spirit Bough Obtained after defeating the greater spirit of nature in Draconis Mons.
Albino Orchid Blossom.png Albino Orchid Blossom Gathered from primordial orchids in Draconis Mons.