Defeat Rhendak the Crazed

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Defeat Rhendak the Crazed

Flame Temple Tombs
(Diessa Plateau)
Event type
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Group event
Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat Rhendak the Crazed is an event in the Flame Temple Tombs in Diessa Plateau. To access the Flame Temple Tombs, the Flame Legion Battles meta-event has to be completed.


  • Rhendak the Crazed
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Completing the Flame Legion Battles meta-event unlocks a portal into the Flame Temple Tombs. A walkthrough for this mini-dungeon can be found at Flame Temple Tombs and Font of Rhand. At the end of the mini-dungeon you have to interact with Rhendak's Chest to trigger the event. After Rhendak the Crazed is defeated the actual reward chest will spawn.


Spawn (One of the following)
  • "Die intruder"
  • "Who disturbs me?"
  • "You will die here."
Upon Aggro (One of the following)
  • "Come to me. I shall release you from this world."
  • "All those who deny Gaheron as their god shall be punished!"
75% health (One of the following)
  • "Gaheron Baelfire empowers us all."
  • "The power of Gaheron Baelfire is real. It reaches to the ends of Tyria. Even this place."
50% health (One of the following)
  • "I will cleanse your soul with fire."
  • "Unbeliever. You defile this place with every breath you steal."
25% health (One of the following)
  • "Flame conquers all foes!"
  • "My body grows weaker, but my flames do not!"
  • "My devotion cannot be vanquished, even in death. For Gaheron Baelfire has blessed me."


  • Special rewards from this event can only be received once per day.
  • Can be triggered approximately 10 minutes after completion.