Brother Vince

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Brother Vince


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Brother Vince is a Renown Heart NPC and attends to the vineyard and wine making at Eldvin Monastery in Queensdale. Keep the monastery operational with their libations, and he will render his services as a karma merchant.



Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Monk's Beer Stein.png Monk's Beer Stein Accessory Fine 11 140 Karma

Historical items[edit]

These items are no longer available as of the September 2014 Feature Pack.

Item Type Rarity Cost
Stein of Ale.png Stein of Golden Ale Alcohol Basic 28 Karma
Recipe sheet basic food.png Recipe: Ascalonian Herbs Recipe sheet Basic 91 Karma
Crude Salvage Kit.png Crude Salvage Kit Salvage kit Basic 28 Karma


Renown Heart empty (map icon).png A brewmaster's life is one of sweat and hard work. Add in centaur attacks, bandits, and poorly tended crops, and it can seem almost impossible.
Talk more option tango.png What can I do to help?
Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Bandits and centaurs have been causing us no end of trouble, and grubs have been ruining our crops. Solving any of those problems would help. Additionally, we could use someone to taste new brews.
Talk more option tango.png Bandits?
Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Like our customers, bandits can't get enough of our brew. Unlike our customers, they don't pay for it. Ending their thievery or assisting the patrols out front would really help limit our losses.
Talk back option tango.png What else can I do?
Talk end option tango.png Will do.
Talk more option tango.png Centaurs?
Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Every month, we lose barrels of our brew to centaur raids. We need help protecting outgoing shipments. Removing centaurs from their camp to the southeast would probably help.
Talk back option tango.png What else can I do?
Talk end option tango.png I'll take care of it.
Talk more option tango.png Grubs?
Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Toiling in the fields is hard work, and a batch of hungry grubs has been eating the crops. The monks haven't able to stop the grubs, so I'm sure they'd appreciate your combat expertise.
Talk back option tango.png What else can I do?
Talk end option tango.png I'll handle it.
Talk more option tango.png Brew tasting?
Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Sister Liz is experimenting with new brews. She's been looking for tasters to try the latest batch so she can perfect the recipe. She's in the cellar below if you care to whet your palate.
Talk back option tango.png What else can I do?
Talk end option tango.png Got it.
Talk end option tango.png I have to go.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds rough.
Complete heart (map icon).png The more effort it takes to make a brew, the better the end product. This next batch is sure to be the best yet, thanks to your efforts.
Talk more option tango.png Got anything set aside for me?
Complete heart (map icon).png I just may have a special stash for helpful people such as you. Here, take a look.
Karma.png Thanks!
Talk end option tango.png Glad I could help!