Smoke Screen

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Smoke Screen.png

Smoke Screen

Not available underwater  0.5½ Activation time  30 Recharge time  6 Skill point  

Thief tango icon 20px.png Thief (skill list)
Utility (tier 3)
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Create a smoke screen that blocks projectiles and blinds foes.

Blind 40px.png Blind: 1 s
Miscellaneous effect.png Number of Targets: 5
Duration.png Smoke Screen Duration: 7 s
Combo.png Combo Field: Smoke
Miscellaneous effect.png Unblockable

— In-game description [?]

Related traits[edit]

Thief tango icon 20px.png Critical Strikes


  • Pulses periodic stacks of 1 second blind over its duration. The base amount and timing of these pulses is different for the Thief vs. Engineer's Toss Elixir U: 9 pulses for Thief; 11 for Engineer.
  • Smoke Screen is also one of two possible outcomes of Engineer's Toss Elixir U.