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Half-Baked Komali

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Half-Baked Komali

Wanted for reckless endangerment and unlicensed geomantic experimentation, including a recent attempt to immerse an inquest engineer in a lava pool.

— In-game Description


[edit] Description

Combat abilities
  • Hylek stomp: knocks down players and does medium damage.
  • Fire shield: applies burn and vulnerability conditions to the attackers for each attack and greatly reduces incoming damage and duration of all conditions applied on Komali. It can be removed by defeating all the flame jellies that appear along the flame shield.
  • Fireball: launches a blob of fire, that deals medium AoE damage.
  • Fire breath: frontal AoE, deals moderate damage.
  • Flurry: deals small amount of damage and applies 1 stack of bleed per hit.

[edit] Dialogue

I have something tasty cooking over the fire right now. Why don't you stay for dinner?

Talk end option tango.png
Think we'll pass on that, thanks.

[edit] Quotes

I taste trouble in the air.
Oh, no no. I don't like this.

[edit] Notes

The jellies required to remove the fire shield will often not appear at all, making impossible to remove the shield and the fight nearly impossible for teams of smaller size and average DPS

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