Flame Temple Tombs

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Flame Temple Tombs

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Flame Temple Tombs map.jpg
Map of Flame Temple Tombs

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Location within Diessa Plateau

Diessa Plateau

Flame Temple Tombs.jpg
Flame Temple Tombs

The Flame Temple Tombs is an area and the location of a minidungeon in Diessa Plateau and are the actual crypts of the Font of Rhand. Before occupation by the Flame Legion, the tombs served as crypts for Ascalonian humans from a time before the Searing. As such, the tombs are absent of Ascalonian ghosts created by the Foefire. Access to the minidungeon is through the Font of Rhand portal, which only opens up after players complete the Flame Legion Battles meta event. It closes again when the Flame Legion recaptures an objective of the meta-event chain. Much of the mini-dungeon is underwater.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png
Font of Rhand Waypoint
Flame Temple Tombs Vista
Jump on the rock on the north side of the temple's entrance and then onto the temple. After that, climb to the very top and jump down towards the vista. No, it's not via the horns even though you can jump onto them and it looks as though they ought to be the way.
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Font of Rhand
Map icon.png
Flame Temple Tombs
Event boss (map icon).png
[Group Event] Defeat Rhendak the Crazed (25)


Path to the vista

The Tombs consist of traveling through several rooms and challenges before culminating in a boss battle. It is suggested that at least eight players be available for completing this without prior experience.

Room 1[edit]

Players should enter and navigate through the room while avoiding the tile-based traps. Before going left to the mortar or right to the water-filled chamber, head down the stairs on either side of the stair case from which you arrived. Proceed down to the room below where you entered. Kill the Flame Legion fire enemy to destroy the wall of ice behind him. Enter the room behind the ice wall and complete the jumping puzzle to get the Statue's Sword. This is the key to get through Room 3, so a player will have to wield this bundle through Room 2.

Go back upstairs and choose to go down the set of stairs either on your left or on your right. Both choices lead to Room 2.

  • Go left to find a charr manning a mortar. Destroy one of the statues in the tile-trapped room and have a player (who is not wielding the Statue's Sword) pick up the Statue's Head bundle left behind. Put the statue's head in the mortar to break the floor, granting access to Room 2.
  • Alternatively, go right to find a chain and a stone wall. Pull the chain to break the wall, revealing the way to Room 2.

Room 2[edit]

Continue to a room with heads on the walls and coffins underwater. The heads on the walls will breathe fire and some coffins will release a targetable air bubble that reflects projectiles. In order to temporarily disable the fire from a head, you must touch one of the frosty torches and use a projectile skill to reflect the now-frozen projectile back onto a head. If you do not have any projectile skills available, you can use a Flame Legion Speargun, which are found lying around the room. Touching the torch will cause your reflected projectiles to detonate in an icy explosion. Position yourself in front of the fire-breathing heads when you shoot the air bubble. The icy explosion should disable the fire for 180 seconds. In order to continue, all fire-breathing heads must be disabled. A gate will open to allow access to the next room. Be quick, as the gate closes again when the first fire-breathing head reactivates. (If this happens, any player that has passed the gate can pull on a chain nearby to reopen the gate.)

Room 3[edit]

When first entering the room, there will be a Veteran Flame Legion along with two others. Defeat them and swim to the bottom of the room. Here there is a row of statues of stone soldiers. One is missing a sword; give it the Statue's Sword bundle from behind the ice wall in Room 1 to open the gate to Room 4. There is a also a chest near the gate's entrance.

Room 4[edit]

The last room is separated by a wall into two parts. At the end of the room awaits Champion Rhendak the Crazed. His attacks are similar to Boil and Magma Orb. Constant movement will cause most of his projectiles to miss and minimal damage to be taken from Boil. He is hard to kill due to the limited space and the consequent chance of being quickly felled in one or two hits. Injured/downed players should swim to the first part of the room when hit and try to rally.





Flame Legion



In addition to Rhendak's Chest, for Level 39 and above characters, there is a Bonus Chest with a guaranteed rare item and a chance for an exotic.

Environmental weapons

Trait unlocking[edit]


  • Occasionally the ice wall behind the veteran Flame Legion foe in room 1 will not break when the foe is killed. He should respawn though, giving you another opportunity to break it.
  • Breaking through the stone wall may stop working after losing control of the portal, thus hindering you from getting another sword.
  • Some times the chains to open the door after the third room don't work.
  • When an engineer picks up the sword and goes underwater it will disappear instead of giving the bundles underwater skills.


  • Although it may appear as though there's a skill challenge in the mini-dungeon section, it is in fact in Spider Nest Cavern.
  • There is no achievement awarded for completing this mini-dungeon.