Canach's Lair

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Last Stand at Southsun
This content was only available during Last Stand at Southsun.

Canach's Lair

Canach's Lair map.jpg
Map of Canach's Lair

Bakestone Cavern

Canach's Lair (story) loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Canach's Lair is a special event dungeon and part of the Last Stand at Southsun release. The dungeon has a solo story mode similar to a personal story mission. Completing the story mode gives access to the group explorable mode. Both dungeons are special event instances rather than actual dungeons.

Getting there[edit]

Path to Canach's Lair from Lion Point Waypoint.

The dungeon can be found by heading south from Lion Point Waypoint and towards Bakestone Cavern.

Dungeon modes[edit]