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Aetherized weapons are a rare weapon set that was originally only available during Cutthroat Politics. Players could rarely obtain these weapons by succeeding in the Candidate Trials. A corresponding set of skin consumables was also available for purchase with Black Lion Claim Ticket.png Black Lion Claim Tickets.

With the release of Heart of Thorns the sets were reintroduced and have different acquisition methods.


  • Rare drop from Cracked Fractal Encryptions.
  • Mystic Forge: chance when combining four rare or exotic pieces of equipment with an average level of 75 or higher, e.g. one L60 weapon + three L80 weapons or three L75 pieces of armor and a L75 weapon.


All weapons are Erare and level 80, with the Carrion attribute set.

Condition Damage.png Condition Damage Power.png Power Vitality.png Vitality
One-handed 79 56 56
Two-handed 158 113 113


Hand Weapon Consumable
Main Hand
Aetherized Axe Skin.png Aetherized Axe Aetherized Axe Skin.png Aetherized Axe Skin
Aetherized Dagger Skin.png Aetherized Dagger Aetherized Dagger Skin.png Aetherized Dagger Skin
Aetherized Mace Skin.png Aetherized Mace Aetherized Mace Skin.png Aetherized Mace Skin
Aetherized Pistol Skin.png Aetherized Pistol Aetherized Pistol Skin.png Aetherized Pistol Skin
Aetherized Scepter Skin.png Aetherized Scepter Aetherized Scepter Skin.png Aetherized Scepter Skin
Aetherized Sword Skin.png Aetherized Sword Aetherized Sword Skin.png Aetherized Sword Skin
Off hand Aetherized Focus Skin.png Aetherized Focus Aetherized Focus Skin.png Aetherized Focus Skin
Aetherized Shield Skin.png Aetherized Shield Aetherized Shield Skin.png Aetherized Shield Skin
Aetherized Torch Skin.png Aetherized Torch Aetherized Torch Skin.png Aetherized Torch Skin
Aetherized Warhorn Skin.png Aetherized Warhorn Aetherized Warhorn Skin.png Aetherized Warhorn Skin
Terrestrial Aetherized Greatsword Skin.png Aetherized Greatsword Aetherized Greatsword Skin.png Aetherized Greatsword Skin
Aetherized Hammer Skin.png Aetherized Hammer Aetherized Hammer Skin.png Aetherized Hammer Skin
Aetherized Longbow Skin.png Aetherized Longbow Aetherized Longbow Skin.png Aetherized Longbow Skin
Aetherized Rifle Skin.png Aetherized Rifle Aetherized Rifle Skin.png Aetherized Rifle Skin
Aetherized Longbow Skin.png Aetherized Short Bow Aetherized Longbow Skin.png Aetherized Short Bow Skin
Aetherized Staff Skin.png Aetherized Staff Aetherized Staff Skin.png Aetherized Staff Skin
Aquatic Aetherized Spear Skin.png Aetherized Spear Aetherized Spear Skin.png Aetherized Spear Skin
Aetherized Harpoon Gun Skin.png Aetherized Harpoon Gun Aetherized Harpoon Gun Skin.png Aetherized Harpoon Gun Skin
Aetherized Trident Skin.png Aetherized Trident Aetherized Trident Skin.png Aetherized Trident Skin