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White Mantle Hideout

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White Mantle Hideout

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Map of White Mantle Hideout

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The White Mantle Hideout is one of the hidden fortresses of the White Mantle. It is located beyond a cave north of the Wendon Steps in the Brisban Wildlands.

Following the failed Siege of Divinity's Reach in 1330 AE, the remnants of the White Mantle fled to the hideout. Their last remaining commander, Justiciar Araya, had become unhinged by the consumption of Bloodstone shards, however, leading some White Mantle recruits to have second thoughts about remaining in the organization.

The Pact Commander and Exemplar Kerida raided the hideout while searching for the Eye of Janthir and an Aspect of Lazarus and killed many White Mantle, including Araya, who tried to stop them. With the fall of the last justiciar the threat which the White Mantle had posed to Kryta came to an end.

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