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"Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress."

"I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot."

There is not a page here. There was never a page here. It was all in your imagination. Turn back now, because there is no other writing on this page and there never will be, so stop looking at it. Don't highlight the page, or there will be blood.

About Me[edit]

I do art and am addicted to peanuts. But am also lazy. I hope you enjoy my super-secret page that nobody knows about. (To those it may concern, all but one band name and bolded words/phrases are links.)

Surprisingly enough, I like music, like most other people do. Here's a short list of groups I like: Beatles, Bob Marley, Cars, Citizen Cope, Men At Work, Pearl Jam, Pinstripes, Police, Queen, Rage, RHCP, and Styx.


If I ever draw anything GW2-related, I might eventually post it in this section. I have now acquired a tablet, so this has become more likely. I am still terrible with the tablet compared to pen and paper.

Page of things I've drawn for people here.

Verbs and Nouns, Considered[edit]

  1. WvW will also come to be known as MvM or Mob versus Mob. Whoever has (somewhat significantly) more people fighting at a time will win.
  2. Powder kegs and siege engines will (obviously) be used in WvW to attack the fortresses.
  3. Resources in WvW will influence the price of goods offered by merchants (giving a more "realistic" feel) and/or offered by traders.
  4. The whole "destroy a bridge" or "lose the town" thing will get annoying sometime.
  5. Noobs will solo WvW caravans by freezing them solid or blowing them up.
  6. Assassins will be so much cooler to play during the night cycles.
  7. The three scholars will be: elementalist (yes, given), necromancer (yes), and mesmer.
  8. The three adventurers will be: "gunner" "sage," ranger (yes, duh), and "assassin" (yes).
    Note: "assassin" is a placeholder for a profession that uses daggers and guns, "sage" is a placeholder a profession that uses magic and physical weapons.
  9. The two soldiers will be: "paragon" (yes) and warrior (yes, duh).
    Note: "paragon" is a placeholder for a profession that uses melee/ranged weapons and defensive skills.
  10. Environmental weapons will not be implemented as good as I would like, but I will still enjoy them.
  11. MvM will eventually be the only part of GW2 that I play.
  12. It will be funny watching players knocking caravans backwards with hammers.
  13. Warhorns will be used (mostly) by "paragons." I do not care.
  14. Torches will be used (mostly) by "gunners." I do not predict a "gunner".
  15. At least one adventurer will be able to wield a pistol (yes).

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