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The Archivists' Sanctum [Lore]
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Need your ign! Or PM one of the Curators or Leader

User Konig Des Todes bullet.gifAdd yourselves to the list, under "Disciples," if you would like to join.

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Guild Information[edit]

The Archivists' Sanctum is a continuing Guild Wars guild. We are by definition an international lore-based guild and welcome all into the guild. Having a love of lore is not needed but you may feel out of place if you at least cannot discuss lore on a regular basis. Lastly, we play the game to enjoy it, not just to study it; a game is fun, not work, we simply add lore discussion on top to playing the game.

Basic information

User Konig Des Todes bullet.gif Main Server: Sanctum of Rall
User Konig Des Todes bullet.gif To join, contact leader or curator (see list to left)
User Konig Des Todes bullet.gif We have social groups on Guild Wars Guru and GWO forums!
User Konig Des Todes bullet.gif We have back story! Courtesy of Konig.
Note: The backstory exists solely for entertainment purposes; you do not need to agree with/like it to be part of the guild nor do you need to add it into your character stories should you make such (you, of course, can however).

Guild activities

We try to do weekend dungeon runs, time varying depending on when we can get members, and which dungeon depending on who needs or wants what.

Members are of course free to group up whenever, these will just be planned in advance.


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Guild Influence[edit]

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