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Night Life

The threat of the Dragons is something we can't deny, and fighting them is intertwined in the line of our life. But while others choose to fight directly, with sword, bow and magic, we choose to search for knowledge. Through the lands of Tyria, secrets are hidden, waiting for discovery. Maybe, they are waiting for you...

Colory forest concept art.jpg


For more information or to join you can contact Cyan Graceland in-game or post on my talk page.


We developed quite a mix if you look at our play style. We play a lot of PvE, but some members are also often in WvWvW, battling for our world. We play like we want it, and socialize a lot. The members can decide by themselves how they want to play, like it should be. We're just here to have a good time!

Want to join?

Do you like what you see and are you interested in joining Night Life? Come and join, everyone is welcome! Contact me in-game (Cyan Graceland) or on my talk page here. For more information you can also post on my talk page and I will answer as soon as possible. I hope to see you later in GuildWars2!
Remember that you can join another guild with every character you have, feel free to join with one or more characters, everything is allowed!

World: Aurora Glade!

The guild will be located on Aurora Glade! It is a very active world, so it was a rather logical choice. Remember: it's possible to join if you are located on another world, and via guesting we can still play together.