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Hello, how may we help you???

  • Note: project name, link to, officially posted, *notes(if any).

Finished projects:[edit]

There won't be many until the final posting of... GUILD WARS TWO.

Near completed projects:[edit]

-Necromancer page, Necromancer Shea Mo, posted.

-Elementalist page, Severuss Snape, posted.
-Thief page, Mousefire The Star, posted.
-Guardian page, Pretender Rurik the Third, posted.
-Engineer page, Shea Firebender, posted.
-Ranger page, Ivan Victorovitch, posted.
-Mesmer page, Lord Kamiror, posted.
-Warrior page, Lord Rotciv, posted.

Current projects:[edit]

-Finish A Kurzick's Tail

-Begin second Fanfiction piece.


*Needs a name.