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A crafting material is an item used for crafting; they can be acquired through gathering, looting, salvaging, or purchased from vendors. The term also includes certain crafted items, such as refined materials (e.g. Bronze Ingots) and crafting components (e.g. Jute Boot Lining).

Acquiring crafting materials[edit]

Player attempting to gather mushrooms

There are several different ways you can obtain crafting materials:

  • Gathering — Resource nodes are found randomly around the world. Ore veins are mined with picks, plants are harvested with sickles, and trees are logged with axes.
  • Looting — You have a chance of finding appropriate crafting materials such as hides or trophies when you loot slain enemies.
  • Purchasing — Some specialist merchants sell ingredients.
  • Salvaging — Available from merchants, salvage kits allow you to salvage crafting materials out of old or unwanted items.
  • Crafting — Some materials are acquired by crafting them from other raw materials. Many of these are found under the Refinement and Crafting Component sections in the crafting window.
  • Other players — You can find other players to trade for materials or buy them from the marketplace.


All crafting materials can be placed in your bank which is shared with all your characters. At the present time you are unable to mail a crafting item to an alt character since the system thinks you're trying to mail something to yourself. With certain crafting materials you can right click on them in your bag and use the "Deposit Collectible" option. This will send the material to the collectible storage in your bank. This can be done from anywhere you happen to be in the game (out adventuring, or not within reach of a major city), but to retrieve the materials back out the bank you must go to a physical bank location or use a portable bank item.

List of crafting materials[edit]

Catergorized by bank collection pane

Basic Materials
Fine Materials
Cooking Ingredients
Amber Pebble.png Amber Pebble

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