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Jak - A New Life[edit]

She’s not.... why won’t she help me? She was always there. Always... where....

The cloaks of the guards are ruffled by the breeze; its calm simplicity in stark contrast to the event which it was passing by. Two brutish men, a chained, shaken looking prisoner in tow, and the masked executioner ahead.

The macabre procession moves up the ramp of the gallows, visions of the past pervading the mind of the now visibly frightened prisoner.

“C’mon son. The Queen ain’t providing us crap, we gotta provide for ourselves.” The phrase seemed familiar, repetitious. His father picked that phrase up from somewhere, and used it as much as he felt able to. Blurry memories of that man, his face. What was his face? What was his name? Stealing from the fat to give to the poor, or something like that. Jak was, young? Yes, this is an old memory. The one that started it all. Well, not quite, but...

A hood is slipped on over his head.

The memories come faster now, unsure images of events that may have happened, like an artist who continuously forgets what his subject matter is. A stolen loaf of bread, hiding a purse for his father. He never was allowed a large or dangerous job, always told he was too young, could make too many mistakes.

[He didn’t trust you.]

The noose is tightened.

[They found you, they did. You can’t escape, not when you kill. Death is a pact made with the gods themselves.] “He tried to take her! The guard tried to take her from me!” [And you took him, and now they take you.] “She’s mine! She keeps me safe!” [Safe? Are you safe now?] “I had to hide her. Hide her so they can’t take her! Hide her from..."

Wood creaks, the rope makes a whipping sound as it strains against the sudden weight.


Wrapped up in a leather overcoat, a man pushes his way through the heavy rain with quick steps. It takes all he has not to continuously look behind him, check for anyone following him through the storm.

My name... my name is Jak. My old self is gone, I can't forget that. Jak. I am... Jak...

Such a strange turn of events that lead to this moment. The man who's name was to be lost in time had been assigned to a policing duty with the Seraph, as a simple officer. The job was stressful, sure, but never boring. Arresting pickpockets, dealing with drunks, simple street work. Even when chasing down an adolescent footpad with two older officers, all in a days work. The malnourishment of the beggar was to be his demise, however, the tired thief quickly becoming trapped by the three fit men. But there was a wildness in the child's eyes; a strange insanity that caught the three Seraph off guard for a moment. A moment long enough for the thief to strike.

"She's mine. MINE!" A hidden dagger plunged into the neck of one of the officers as the other two jumped on the screaming beggar, pinning him to the ground as he bellowed in anger and pain. Rendering the thief unconscious with a gauntleted hand, the other officer ordered the younger man to run for help.


A jewel. Heh, a large jewel the thief had. Who's was it? Unknown. Did he steal it? It doesn't matter, a poor boy with that must of. Why? Why guard it with such a rage? Why not give it up when caught. It was his, something to him. The man continued reading the report of the incident, glancing for a moment down the hall in the direction of the thief's pained screams.

Ah, here. Jak. Kid's name is Jak. Stole a jewel, killed a Seraph, slated for execution. The jewel...

It was gone. Frantically searching the room, he realized the jewel wasn't with any of the other evidence. Panicing, he did the only thing he could do; went to his superior. With a hanging head and blood pounding in his ears, he peered nervously into the Captain's office. Ready for a thorough reprimanding, a wave of adrenaline coursed through his veins when he spotted the gem, sitting on the corner of the Captain's desk.

"Yes?" The man nearly jumped through the roof as the Captain's voice appeared from behind him. "Oh, uh, sorry sir. I was just looking for, that jewel, for evidence..."

"Oh, that thing?" the Captain shrugged. "Listen, the kid's nuts. Who knows where he stole it from, who knows who's it is. Don't worry about it, the kids gonna be hanged, anyway."


"I said, let it go, Seraph." The hardness of the Captain's voice froze his heart as he mumbled and stumbled back down the hall to the processing room.

He's.. keeping it? He can't. That's not...

After a good amount of pacing and second-guessing, the man decided he needed to speak to the thief himself. So, he quietly walked down through the jail cells, the wails of the boy growing louder as he approached.


What am I going to ask this kid? Hey, you! Where'd you get that massive jewel? Why did you call it 'she'? Looking down the dimly lit hall, ignoring the taunts of other inmates as he contemplated what he was actually trying to accomplish, he wondered why he should even care. The Captain is probably right, anyway. He's just a thief who probably killed someone to get that thing. Still, he felt he had to ask.

Taking a deep breath, the acrid smell of sweat and mold filling his nostrils, he gathered his thoughts and began an unsure walk down towards the cell holding the soon-to-be executed child. The forlorn wails and incessant mumbling grew in volume until he stood just to the side of the barred cell door. Waiting, unsure of where to start, the officer stared at the near-deranged thief moving and talking to himself.

"No. They have her. I need her back. Why won't they give me her. She's mine. Mine. MINE!" With the final shout, the boy looked up, and with a snarl thrust his bony arm through the cell door in an attempt to grab the officer.

"YOU! You, you, took her, her from from me. Give her back. Back!"

Quickly stepping back to avoid the grasp of the child, ignoring the rising cascade of taunts and insults echoing down the hall from various prisoners, the officer contemplated the obvious insanity in the eyes that were now angrily locked on him. He was here, he may as well get it over with.

"So you're, Jak?" he said with a cautious tone.

"Mine! You took her from me. Yes. Jak. MINE!"

"Her, you mean that jewel?

"Yes. GIVE! Give her back NOW!"

The officer's face shifted into an expression of confusion. He thinks that jewel is alive? What is going on here? Wanting now to just leave, he instead pushed forward with his questioning to get his answers and escape this dirty place. "Who is she. Why do you want her back. Did you steal... her?" With almost shocking quickness the bony padfoot froze, his expression glazing over as if he was lost in some kind of inner trance.

"She. Her. Loves. Takes care of me. Watches me. Helps me. Mama... Mama went away. Shiny mama came back. Mama..." A look of sudden intense rage burned across the face of the thief, turning a bright shade of red. "TOOK HER! GIVE HER BACK!" Forcing both arms through the cell bars with such force to cut the flesh around his elbows, the child began a wildly screaming, unintelligible rant. The officer turned and hurried out of the hallway, screams of the child and threats from the other prisoners chasing after him.

Shaking, he threw himself into the rough chair next to the processing desk. Pushing a stack of papers out of his way, he rested his elbows on the edge of the desk, staring down at its wooden surface. He thinks that jewel is his mother? That child really is insane. She left, and came back as a jem? That makes no sense. Deciding to leave the subject for the moment, he gathered his things and began the journey home for the night.


"He's what?" The officer stared in shock at the jailer, unable to comprehend what he just learned.

"Yeah, this morning. The Captain pushed it through. 'Dunno, must wanted the space 'er something." With a shrug the heavyset jailer moved past the stunned officer to continue his rounds.

Jak was dead, his Captain having moved the execution wildly ahead of schedule. The officer knew that the Seraph would sometimes mold the laws to get done what they needed, but this? Realization set in as the officer poured the contents of the evidence bag out on a bench. Stonefaced, he began to sift through it all again. This was pure, corrupt, greed.

Where can I go? Can I tell anyone about this. Should I even care. He was just some crazy, kid anyway. But still... Recalling yesterday's conversation with the little beggar, his insistence that the gem was his mother, the officer didn't know what to do. Poking through the belongings of the child, he despondently considered his options.

What do I do now? I can't work for this idiot of a man anymore. But if I transfer out, what will happen? He began to sort the contents: rags and baubles went in one pile on the floor, interesting items stayed on the bench. When he was finished, only two items remained in front of him. The small dagger used to murder the other police officer, and a circular metallic amulet with an interesting design and a large "A" emblazoned on it. What is that? Maybe it has to do with, her?

"Here's what's going to happen." The officer locked up in fear as the voice of the Captain appeared from behind carrying a dangerous tone. "You are going to take all of that. You are going to destroy all of that. You are never to look at that again. Do you understand me?" Shakily turning his head, the Captain and the other surviving arresting officer stood menacingly behind him. "Y-yes sir. I understand sir."

"Good", he replied while squinting his eyes. "We will be back in 30 minutes. When we do return, I want this taken care of and you on patrol in the Ossan Quarter." Leaning in for effect. "And after that? Leave. It. Alone." The Captain and his co-conspirator chuckled at the look of fear on the man's face as they turned around and left. Sitting where he was, it took several minutes for the shaken officer to gather himself. Replacing the rags and junk into the evidence bag, anger began to over-ride his other emotions. I'm a decent officer. I do my job. Follow the laws. I don't have to put up with his shit! With an annoyed grunt he threw the bag into a nearby fireplace. Staring at the dagger and odd amulet for a moment, he quickly pocketed them, throwing on his leather overcoat. He knew he could no longer stay here. Not with the corrupt Seraph watching over him, he knew something would give eventually. Storming down the hall with a scowl, he suddenly stopped, then backtracked a few feet. Finding himself in front of the Captain's office, a small grin crept across his face. I'll show you, you cheating lying bastard! Glancing around for observers, he shot a foot out towards the latch. A few kicks later, the molding shattered, the door swinging open in a spray of splinters. Snatching up the strange jewel, the man bolted out of the office, sprinting down dimly lit halls and mostly unused stairwells. With a final tug of a door, he burst out into the rain.

I can't live like this. There's nothing left for me in this overcrowded mess of a city. Screw the Seraph, I'm leaving. Throwing the hood of his overcoat up over his head, the officer hurried home to gather his belongings before casting himself into exile.

I can't be me anymore. The Captain will likely order my arrest. A wave of dread washed over him as the impulsiveness of his actions caught up to him. He was a fugitive now. Was he any better than what the Captain did? Bah, screw them all. With a small smile as he hurried through the rain, he decided on his new alias. It was only fitting to take the name of the quickly-executed thief, if for anything for the memory of the strange circumstances of the child's mother.

Putting a hand into his pocket, he tightly squeezed the odd amulet, feeling the engraved "A" pressing into his fingers. "Well, this has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever done. I hope this gem is worth it." Releasing the amulet with a sigh, he pressed on against the wind and rain.

My name is Jak. My past is gone. Now, where in Grenth's name do I go?

The Shadow Clan (alts)
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