Ayala's Rinblade

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Ayala's Rinblade

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Account Bound
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A mysteriously light and well-balanced weapon that seems malleable to your wishes. Double-click to choose what form it should take.

— In-game description

Ayala's Rinblade is the name of a set of containers that contain swords of the same name. The weapons are leveling equipment and have stats 3 levels higher than the required level.


  • The containers can drop as loot anywhere in the game.
  • Opening a container allows the player to select from a list of weapons with the same level but different prefixes.
  • All containers appear identical, but each one offers a different selection of weapons.

Weapon variants[edit]

All variants use the Aureate Rinblade skin.

  • Available levels: 59, 62, 65, 68, 71
  • Available prefixes: Apostate, Forsaken


  • Arthur Ayala was a human weaponsmith who likely originated the style of sword known as the Rinblade.