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I'm Daudran, Charr and former employee of Sylen Westerling. I've started my own business of exploration and naturalism.

  1. Profile of my employees

Rurigan Born after the defeat of Scarlet Briar and before the death of Mordremoth, his earliest memories from the Dream where of the Aetherblades. Some Sylvari joined their ranks, and fled with them to the Mist. He saw their memories. Flashes of their hopes and camaraderie. The drunken nights and brawls. The freeing feeling of a lifting airship and the wind on your face. He also experiences very vivid flashes from the mists as well. Bizar landscapes. Strange creatures and visions. And also the pirate's despair. Their hopelessness and search for a purpose. And the overwhelming dread of being trapped. Exiled from reality.

His awakening was at the height of the heated debate about the nature of his species. Similar questions plagued the Aetherblades, trapped there in the mists. What is his purpose? Who is he truly? Just some kind of "corrupted" dragon minion? How do I find a story to genuinely live, in this world where he is in many ways excluded and shunned?

His people sometimes deal with this problem in several ways. Some point to the other sentient races. They too have to look for answers themselves. They also don't even have the teachings to guide them. Other argue that the human Gods, the charr War Machine, the Alchemy, serve the same role. But then again, the other sentient races weren't born of an Elder Dragon. Their initial purpose is neutral, not driven by a need to consume. Other groups point towards the Pale Mother , or perhaps the Soundless. Their efforts and experiences show that the sylvari can choose a different fate for themselves. Rurigan leansin that direction, I believe. He told me he felt the connection to the Tree, and the teachings of Ventari. But still.. his memories and his race's purpose gnaws at his mind.

In my dream I experienced the deeper intricacies of the Mists. But also the atrocities that the Aetherblades committed on Lions Arch. And now after my awakening, I saw a world shaped by strange dragon magics and the fall of my brothers and sisters to Mordremoth. I was not able to put it out my mind. What purpose does it all serve? What is my tiny role in this massive play? Just follow the teachings and forget about it? Nightmare lured, and like all sylvari I eventually heard the call of Mordremoth. The purpose both offered. The temptation to give up and let yourself be swept up in a thoughtless collective..

It intrigued and scared me at the same time. I often wandered through Caledon Forest at that time. My first ventures from the Pale Tree. The closer I wandered to the Maguuma, the stronger the call became. The more I felt.. Almost at ease, less conflicted and more sure of myself. It felt like a more sure, and less phony confidence than the confidence I derived from the teachings. But then I'd encounter some nightmare Court members, or some of the Unchained shackling about the shores and the forest. I would see the price I'd have to pay for an easy way out. I often found myself watching the unchained from afar, or listen to the stories of those suffering at the hands of the nightmare court.

By that time I had been getting fairly adequate with some basic defensive and evasive spells. The use of Guardian magic felt the most natural, and I was drawn to it. Consequently, I could venture further and further, and even came as close to the borders of Jungle.

It was there that I experienced the death of Mordremoth. I felt his call highten, nearly consuming me. And then suddenly.. vanish. I felt more empty than I ever had. I had not realized until then how much that voice filled my mind.

It was the start of a darker period. I wandered the wilds, aimlessly. Thrown back completely on my own devices and completely. I felt ashamed. I thought I was in control, that I didn't follow the call. That I was able to resist. That I was smarter and understood better than the Court. That I wasn't a Risen.

But I had been. Shackling closer and closer to my master.


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