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rawr i'm new

Here's What i'm goning to be in GW2:

Name of Character: Blackhorns

Race: Charr

Profession: Ranger

Gender: Male

Weapons: 1)Sword 2)Warhorn

(and just for the heck of it)RANK: Khan-Ur

Pets: Wolf, Shark, Devourer

TheirNames:Shadow,Jaw killer, Poison tooth

Warband last Name of character:Sharptooth


Hunter's Call is this user's favorite skill.

Legion: Iron Legion

Sparring Partner: Dinky

Charr Father: Loyal Soldier

Racial sympathy: Skritt


Quote:"The Charr shall rule!" i'm the charr up front with a fire sword

Horns:Super Large and black

Eyes:bright yellow

patteren of skin:white spots on neck, and red stripes on the armes and chest


teeth:super large and "Sharp"

Towns and Outposts:will try to save all towns and outposts

NPC: will be friends with most, but those who bother my character will be either threaten or food(except child NPC they will just be scared)

Dragons:will try to fight all espically Corruption and Zaitain


beard:none or very small

body type:muscular

ears: long(if this is possible to do

Skritt:I'll try to make an allience between me and skritt

Fahrar:perfect fighter.......

2nd character-

name:Iron Claws




Weapons:Pistol in both hands


Legion:Ash Legion

Sparring Partner:Reeva

Charr Sire:Sorcerous Shaman

Racial Sympathy: Ogres