The S S Cuttlefish

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The S S Cuttlefish

Point of Interest
Golemgate Delivery Dock
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The S S Cuttlefish 2.jpg
The S S Cuttlefish

The S S Cuttlefish is a Pact submarine stationed near the Infinite Coil Reactor in Mount Maelstrom. Once the reactor is locked down, Agent Spire can call it in to evacuate the hero's party. As there is no amphibious access, the submarine breaches one of the outer walls by ramming through it.


  • Formerly, this PoI was unobtainable without breaking out of the map. This has since been fixed. However, you may have to go up to the wall before killing Subject Alpha, as the submarine itself may prevent you from getting close enough to the PoI.
  • Lightbringer Genevieve is interested in this submarine and will have some new dialogue for you after you have ridden in it.