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Item Type Rarity Level Facts Cost


The table header for vendor inventories. For use with {{vendor table row}}.

{{vendor table header
| section = 
| showType =
| showRarity =
| showLevel =
| showFacts =
| showTP =


Optional. The name of the section (tab) the vendor item is located in.
Optional. The locations the vendor is located in, separated by ";". Defaults to locations set in the NPC infobox. New NPCs may require a null edit to set this property correctly.
Default true. Show the type of item. This can be item type or any item subtypes such as armor type.
Default true. Show the rarity of the item.
Default true. Show the required level to equip or use the item.
Default false. Show the prefix of the item, in plaintext.
Default true. Show the item facts of the item, this is usually any attribute bonuses or other effects.
Default false. Show the TP Price.
Default false. Show the text description for item prices given with irregular currencies.
Default false. If enabled it shows the requirements to purchase an item in an extra column (use if several items have an requirement), otherwise the requirements will be shown below the item.
no subobjects
Default false. If set to true this parameter will prevent subobjects from {{Vendor table row}} being stored for the current vendor table.
Optional. Set to display the given requirement above the table. Will also add the requirement to each item in the table.
Optional. Additional CSS classes to pass to the underlying Template:STDT. Note this is in addition to the default "npc sortable" classes. Useful if you want, for instance, collapsible or expandable tables.