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This template is a wrapper for Widget:Infobox map, used in infoboxes to provide the GW2 map API with a marker indicating the NPC position.


{{Infobox map
| coordinates = 
| path = 
| bounds = 


[X,Y] coordinate pair. Integers between 0 and 32000. Wrap each value pair in brackets. Separate these multiple points with commas and wrap in an additional set of brackets if multiple different locations are possible. If a 3rd value in the first array is given, it will be interpreted as a floor. If a fourth value in the first array is given, it will be interpreted as a continent.
Requires multiple pairs of coordinates. Plots a green flag at the start, white dots between and a red flag at the end.
Multiple [X,Y] coordinate pairs to form a polygon on the map.
Optional. Used by non-npc infoboxes.
Optional. If set, will use wiki tiles instead of the API. Only useful if the tiles exist in Category:Map raster tiles.
Optional. If set to LWS4, LWS5 or any of the story releases part of those seasons, localtiles will be used.


{{Infobox map | coordinates = [16100,14800] }}

Interactive map

Used in[edit]

A quick guide to capturing coordinates[edit]

Primary article: Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects/NPC Coordinates/Guide
  • If it's an event, use Widget:Event table.
  • If it's a point of interest, or a heart NPC, use Widget:Map table.
  • For all other cases:
    • GW2Timer.com - clicking on any point generates the coordinates in the box in the bottom left corner.
    • GW2Navi ingame overlay - same as the above external website but uses your ingame data to determine your location.