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This reddit link might provide a bit more info on items missing from the unlocker. -Darqam 01:01, 26 December 2016 (UTC)

Listing seasonal items?[edit]

Hexed Outfit is seasonal, available via merchant on Halloween, while Ghostly Outfit and Grasping Phantom Glider likely will returns next Halloween (esp the glider given the seasonal BLC changes). Should those really be listed as "unobtainable"? They are obtainable, just 'not right now'. Maybe, if such is needed, we include a list of seasonal frequent-returning items? Konig (talk) 04:32, 26 December 2016 (UTC)

What if we clarify its status in a table? I've thrown together a basic one as an example. -- Dashface User Dashface.png 10:54, 26 December 2016 (UTC)
If I'm here to find things that are unobtainable, that to me means no way to get them period. The Hexed outfit can be obtained during Halloween, and most Gemstore outfits/items(excluding that Mordy one, I think that was a Heart of Thorns release special item only it's a Wardrobe Unlock item. Still hasn't returned to the gemstore, still pretty ugly IMO), eventually return to the gemstore, so they're not completely unobtainable, they're just not currently available, but will be back at a later date. I've changed the tables a bit as a result, changing the "maybe coming back" to "Notes" to give more detail as to why it's unobtainable and removed the gemstore items/Hexed Outfit as they will return eventually. - Doodleplex 19:04, 27 December 2016 (UTC)
But the Hexed Outfit is completely unobtainable. Will it return next year? Likely. Can I get it right now? No.
I'm imagining that this page will be helpful to newcomers more than anyone else. The kinds of things that can be listed should be completely irreplaceable through unlimited gold, gems, and effort. Anything tradeable, even if there are none listed on the Trading Post, could be theoretically obtained from another player. And enough gems will unlock every single thing in the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock. By this definition, I believe that completely unavailable seasonal items belong here. There are three main categories to consider: seasonally unavailable (Hexed Outfit), unavailable with no indication of when or if they will return (Eir's Legacy Longbow, Celebration Hat), and never available to anyone (Reforged Caladbolg). Perhaps the page could divide these by sections first, then by type. Armor/Weapon/Mini headers are not particular required, as this could be a table column. With the introduction of the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock, which covers most things, I'm not expecting this article to be particularly long. -- Dashface User Dashface.png 20:01, 27 December 2016 (UTC)
Like I said, when I saw the page, I saw "completely unobtainable", and the Hexed Outfit has been a reoccurring seasonal item(and the only seasonal item I can think of that's not a gem store item or from the Wardrobe Unlock) since it's introduction in 2014, so that could be a note on the bottom of the page as being only "Seasonably available". Also technically any gemstore item could never return (pretty sure Eir's bow will come back at some point), and there already is a page for that and Gem store stuff in general. - Doodleplex 20:31, 27 December 2016 (UTC)
This was the best name I could think of for "List of stuff that other people have that you definitely can't have today". Seasonal unavailability is one thing that does it, and Gem Store rotation is another for very recent items, like the Crystalline Dragon Wings that you removed from the page. (Available somewhere still?) Less interesting to me is unimplemented content; that could really have its own article, especially if the items are datamined only and don't display in the Wardrobe. I'm familiar with the Gem Store storage pages. I consulted Incarnazeus' work extensively when putting together Gem Store availability tables. Sure, Eir's bow will probably come back at some point. So will the Antitoxin Injector, probably. But for now, they're both unobtainable wardrobe unlocks. -- Dashface User Dashface.png 20:47, 27 December 2016 (UTC)

Adding items that have a means of acquisition, but the currency is unobtainable[edit]

Should we include these items? (i.e. Battle Historian claim ticket items). Edit: Sorry, not those, the weapons obtained through Gift of Heroes Sythe 21:57, 27 December 2016 (UTC)

Hmmm, technically they're unobtainable, with the sole exception of if you still have the old currencies... So I don't see why not. Konig (talk) 23:05, 27 December 2016 (UTC)

Listing things never intended to be unlocked?[edit]

I see a few items listed that aren't in the wardrobe yet and likely never will be. Marjory's Blade, Fargate Opener, School Uniform. Do they fit the purpose of this list? SarielV 20 x 20px 19:43, 4 January 2017 (UTC)

Personally, I'd prefer to see the page in three sections: Seasonal, Unavailable, Unimplemented. Also, if something isn't in the Wardrobe, it's not a Wardrobe unlock. -- Dashface User Dashface.png 20:08, 4 January 2017 (UTC)
Totally agree with having these 3 sections, if I can give my two cents. Although I'd add that some wardrobe unlocks are hidden until the account unlocks it, so what is in the wardrobe or isn't is not so clear sometimes. Unless we use something like 'everything listed in gw2efficiency' (which is backed by the API), in that case it should be clear I guess. --KillerRabbit.1946 (talk) 01:45, 5 January 2017 (UTC)
There are many hidden items in the wardrobe - most of which are gemstore, but some PvP skins which have since become available as well (either through Unlock or other methods). Hidden wardrobe items are usually for the "expensive/hard to obtain" stuff. Easiest method to determine if something can be unlocked or not is using the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock combined with the wardrobe. Unless it's a gemstore or ascended gear added post September '16 it'll definitely be in one of the two. Konig (talk) 03:16, 5 January 2017 (UTC)
I can't recall any PvP skins that were hidden, only Gem Store skins. SarielV 20 x 20px 17:31, 5 January 2017 (UTC)
Was pretty sure the alt Legionnaire spear was hidden, and Destroyer Scythe, but could be wrong. Anyways, in regards to the Seasonal/Unavailable/Unimplemented: I see no reason to differentiate between the latter two, mainly because for a long while Canach's Backpack was in wardrobe but not 'implemented' in an obtainable way. I would consider items like Reforged Caladbolg and Fargate Opener along those lines. For Seasonal, I agree that they don't really belong here and I think having a [[List of seasonal wardrobe unlocks]] might be generally better to have. Konig (talk) 18:25, 5 January 2017 (UTC)

Section for Novelties?[edit]

--— Cronos 12:58, 3 September 2018 (UTC)

Krait Spear (skin)[edit]

moved to Talk:Krait Spear (skin)

Unobtainable items and skins[edit]

After the conversation above, I guess there's old pages that deserve the same treatment. There's way too many of them, so I'd rather list them here than update them with delete tags one by one. I'm considering these two conditions for deletion:

  • No public ingame appearance, meaning it was found through datamining of chat codes.
  • Public ingame appearance, but obviously unintended, like test objects, bundle skins, etc.

Candidates for deletion: (so far)

There's many more in Category:Unimplemented content that could qualify too, but require some research first as to how they were found.

Also, if there's an agreement to delete these, I would like to have some of them (mostly skin pages) moved to my user space instead, so don't instantly delete them without letting me save them first.--Lon-ami (talk) 17:39, 27 November 2018 (UTC)

I wasn't part of the above conversation, but I'll put it simply like this: If it has or ever had a chat link (thus could be previewed or linked to in some manner), then it deserves a page. GWW documented unimplemented content too, I don't see why this wiki shouldn't. If it was in a blog post, then it deserves either a redirect to its equivalent released version with a trivia note, or its own page.
90% or more of those things you linked - as well as some things moved to your userspace - have chat links. They deserve a page. That is my stance, because we can find it in the API and show it off in chat.
That said, I do think there might have been "act before thinking" before and that resulted in kneejerk reactions because you've done such before despite others telling you to discuss first. Either way, tagging all of those pages for deletion is a bit of a kneejerk reaction though, don't you think? Would just be a pain to remove them, whether they're kept or moved. Konig (talk) 22:50, 27 November 2018 (UTC)
Yeah, some might call it petulance. In fact, someone already did. SarielV 20 x 20px 04:12, 30 November 2018 (UTC)
Current discussion on this topic at a much higher level can be found here: Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Community portal#Unimplemented content on the wiki. Your input on the topic is valued and important. G R E E N E R 23:01, 27 November 2018 (UTC)