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Achievement Notes[edit]

So, after multiple frustrated attempts at A Star to Guide Us.png A Star to Guide Us: If I May InterruptInterrupt every single recruitment speech by the Monument to the Return of Palawa Joko. (5Achievement points), I Googled the achievement to get insight from other people, particularly those who succeeded. Based on [1], it seems that:

  • It's best done with 3-5 people. Event scaling makes breaking the defiance bar difficult above that, with the exception of HUGE ZERGS (heavy emphasis on the size), which the Reddit thread notes is how people initially got the achievement (people fully populating the map upon release) and how most people think it should be done. This seems to be a very important point in getting the achievement, where you usually have people on the map advertising and trying to pull in large groups and commanders leading zergs, only to fail because the break bars of Palawa Joko? and Another Palawa Joko? can absorb a lot of CC thanks to event scaling..
  • It seems any decrease in Awakened Resistance to "Joko" after the scripted initial conversion at the start of the event causes the achievement to be unattainable.
  • The Small Palawa Jokos can actually convert some of the Awakened if they're left alone, while event scaling makes them more durable. A common mistake (caused by the wording of the achievement's description which emphasizes only breaking Palawa Joko?'s defiance bar) is for players to focus purely on CCing Palawa Joko? and Another Palawa Joko? while ignoring the Small Jokos.
  • Going back to the first point: I was able to finally get this achievement by forming a small group of 3 (and later joined by a fourth), confirming the idea of avoiding event up-scaling. 3-5 people are easily capable of breaking the BOTH Palawa Joko?'s AND Another Palawa Joko?'s defiance bars AND dealing enough damage to kill the Small Jokos whenever they spawned AT THE SAME TIME.

Summary: If you want the "If I May Interrupt" achievement, do it with 3-5 people. --Messenger (talk) 17:55, 3 January 2019 (UTC)