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Mordrem Bristleback Alpha

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Mordrem Bristleback Alpha

Mordrem Bristleback Alphas are large and extremely powerful Mordrem copies of Veteran Bristlebacks. They appear during Battle in Tarir during the Octovine in the East and West sections and cannot be damaged, but can be repelled by players using Enchanted Armor.


Heart of Maguuma

Event involvement[edit]

Event boss 2 (map icon).png [Group Event] Slay the octovine! (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Shoots Poisoned Spikes

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Tough Hide.png Tough Hide - Immune to regular damage and conditions, but vulnerable to attacks from enchanted armor.
  • Acidic Gas - After shaking the spines on its back, the bristleback emits clouds of red poisonous gas in the air that causes poison and knockdown to any players gliding through them.


  • Contrary to its description, it does not shoot spikes like normal bristlebacks. Instead, it interferes with players gliding while carrying bombs.