Save the camp from the Inquest golem

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Save the camp from the Inquest golem

Interactive map

Interactive map

Save the camp from the Inquest golem is a level 25 dynamic event that occurs in Koga Ruins.


  • Veteran Experimental Golem
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Priory tents remaining: 5


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 1,037 Experience.png 130 Karma 30 Copper coin
Silver 881 Experience.png 111 Karma 26 Copper coin
Bronze 778 Experience.png 98 Karma 23 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 25 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Lewin: Is that a golem?
Elspeth: Hmm. It is. But there's something unusual about that golem. If I didn't know better...
Veteran Experimental Golem: Surrender—now! Delay—results—in—termin—termination.
Elspeth: Definitely not friendly. Get ready to defend the camp!
Veteran Experimental Golem: Processing—noncom—noncompliance. Physical—force—now—authorized.
When golem reaches 25% health
Veteran Experimental Golem: Mission—comp—compromised. Failure—immi—nimni—imminent!
Lewin: Well, that's over, thank Lyssa. Now we can get back to our research.
Elspenth: Despite the golem's size, all of the damage is superficial. None of our critcal work was...
Lewin: Hold on a minute. What's that?
Veteran Experimental Golem: Conquering. Trium—Triumphant. Dominant.