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Salvation Pass weapons

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Salvation Pass weapons

Salvation Pass weapons are a partial ascended weapons set that is available from the boss encounters in Salvation Pass, or by purchase from Scholar Glenna.

Each set component has a selection of stats based on the weapon's prefix (Assaulter's, Defender's, Healer's, and Malicious).


Sold by[edit]

Rewarded by[edit]


Item Type Item link
Off hand
Slothasor Effigy.png Assaulter's Slothasor Effigy Focus
Slothasor Effigy.png Defender's Slothasor Effigy Focus
Slothasor Effigy.png Healer's Slothasor Effigy Focus
Slothasor Effigy.png Malicious Slothasor Effigy Focus
Sloth-Hunting Hammer.png Assaulter's Sloth-Hunting Hammer Hammer
Sloth-Hunting Hammer.png Defender's Sloth-Hunting Hammer Hammer
Sloth-Hunting Hammer.png Healer's Sloth-Hunting Hammer Hammer
Sloth-Hunting Hammer.png Malicious Sloth-Hunting Hammer Hammer
Staff of Matthias.png Matthias's Assaulter Staff Staff
Staff of Matthias.png Matthias's Defender Staff Staff
Staff of Matthias.png Matthias's Healer Staff Staff
Staff of Matthias.png Matthias's Malicious Staff Staff


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