Protect the Wyld Hunt party from the unseen hunter

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Protect the Wyld Hunt party from the unseen hunter

Interactive map

Interactive map

Protect the Wyld Hunt party from the unseen hunter is a level 16 dynamic event that occurs in Zinder Slope leading into Venlin Vale. It starts when Valiant Alydael says: "Strange weather for fog..."

A group of 6 sylvari warriors (3 valiants and 3 wardens) patrol the path shown at right then depart from it (at no standard site) and walk down to the lake while the nearby hylek run away. The Unseen Hunter, a champion largos assassin, then appears underwater and kills the wardens one by one. When the remaining valiants try to retreat, he shows up on land and fights them.

Patrol Path


  • Unseen Hunter
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Wyld Hunt alive: 6


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 647 Experience.png 90 Karma.png 21 Copper coin
Silver 550 Experience.png 77 Karma.png 18 Copper coin
Bronze 485 Experience.png 68 Karma.png 16 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 16 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





When the event starts:

Valiant Alydael: Strange weather for fog. We should investigate. Keep close and stay ready.

Upon reaching the lake:

Valiant Britadgh: There's something unnatural about this fog. It does not move on the wind, and it is denser here.
Valiant Raeloir: Strange. The krait do not create a fog like this. Neither do the quaggan.
Valiant Alydael: I hear something. But I can't see—

When the first warden is pulled into the lake:

Valiant Alydael: Back away from the water! Something's hunting us!
Valiant Raeloir: I can't see. Where did it attack from?

After the group moves to another spot and the second warden is pulled into the lake:

Valiant Britadgh: No! How is it spotting us?

After the group returns to the first spot and the third warden is killed:

Valiant Alydael: Where is it? Does anyone see it?
Valiant Raeloir: Stay calm. We can't afford to lose our bearings now.
Valiant Alydael: I'd have my bearing if I could see what's killing us.

When the group backs off and the assassin starts to attack on land:

Valiant Alydael: No retreat! This monster will not defeat us!
Unseen Hunter: No escape.

If the event succeeds:

Valiant Britadgh: What was that?
Valiant Raeloir: I've never seen it before. I'm just grateful to be alive.
Valiant Britadgh: Strange, I still feel compelled to be here. Perhaps this creature wasn't hunting alone.
Valiant Alydael: Then we return to the camp and warn them before anyone else is harmed.

When the player approaches Raeloir (who bows and thanks the player):

Valiant Raeloir: Thank you.

After Britadgh and Alydael run back to the sylvari camp:

Valiant Britadgh: Beware the waters to the south, we walked right into an ambush.
Valiant Alydael: If any unusual activity is seen in that area, get out of there immediately.

If the event fails:

Unseen Hunter: This hunt is over.


  • This event fails if all Valiants are killed.
  • The Unseen Hunter can not be attacked until the 3 Wardens have been killed, leaving only the 3 Valiants to be defended.
  • Having the 3 valiants assist makes this champion soloable with some kiting.
  • If Valiant Raeloir survives, she will run up the hill a short distance and offer the player an Underwater Net for sale.
  • This event can stall until Kill the Nightmare Wolfmaster and her giant thorn wolf has ended.
  • The patrol restarts a short time after the previous one completes.