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This text property identifies what chapter the instance is a part of.

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"Where's Balthazar" +[[One Path Ends|One Path Ends]]  +
A Bold New Theory +Rescue Researcher  +
A Different Dream +The Teachings of Ventari  +
A Fork in the Road +Sins of the Father  +
A Fragile Peace +Order Neophyte  +
A Future in Politics +[[Sky Pirates of Tyria|Sky Pirates of Tyria]]  +
A Good Work Spoiled +Following the Dream  +
A Grisly Shipment +Victory or Death  +
A Kindness Repaid +[[A Bug in the System|A Bug in the System]]  +
A Light in the Darkness +The Battle of Claw Island  +
A Meeting of Ministers +[[The Head of the Snake|The Head of the Snake]]  +
A Meeting of the Minds +Rescue Researcher  +
A New Challenger +Everyone Makes Mistakes  +
A Pup's Illness +Forging a Legend  +
A Sad Duty +Forming the Pact  +
A Shadow's Deeds +[[Out of the Shadows|Out of the Shadows]]  +
A Shattered Nation +[[A Star to Guide Us|A Star to Guide Us]]  +
A Sly Trick +Following the Dream  +
A Society Function +Krytan Politics  +
A Sparkling Rescue +Experiments Gone Wrong  +
A Splinter in the Flesh +Justice for Riannoc  +
A Spy for a Spy +Getting the Band Back Together  +
A Tangle of Weeds +Justice for Riannoc  +
A Trap Foiled +Forging a Legend  +
A Vision of Darkness +The Teachings of Ventari  +