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This text property identifies what chapter the instance is a part of.

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[[One Path Ends|One Path Ends]]  +
Rescue Researcher  +
The Teachings of Ventari  +
Sins of the Father  +
Order Neophyte  +
[[Sky Pirates of Tyria|Sky Pirates of Tyria]]  +
Following the Dream  +
Victory or Death  +
[[A Bug in the System|A Bug in the System]]  +
The Battle of Claw Island  +
[[The Head of the Snake|The Head of the Snake]]  +
Rescue Researcher  +
Everyone Makes Mistakes  +
Forging a Legend  +
[[Prologue: Bound by Blood|Prologue: Bound by Blood]]  +
Forming the Pact  +
[[Out of the Shadows|Out of the Shadows]]  +
[[A Star to Guide Us|A Star to Guide Us]]  +
[[Jormag Rising|Jormag Rising]]  +
Following the Dream  +