Mistlock Instability: Mists Convergence

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Mistlock Instability Mists Convergence.png

Mistlock Instability: Mists Convergence

Effect type
Mistlock Instability
Game link

The Fractals of the Mists are blurring together…

— In-game description


  • Causes a set of effects and enemies from other places of the Mists to spawn randomly throughout the Fractal Island.
  • Included effects are:
  • Effects occur either near to or directly on top of a random player in the party.
  • Enemies spawned by this effect disappear after a certain amount of time or when they are killed.
  • Enemies spawned by this effect give XP when killed, but don't yield any loot.
  • Enemies spawned by this effect have an instability marker Mists Convergence Overhead.png above their head.
  • Effects also occur in the fractal they actually belong in e.g. an additional Mossman may spawn during the Mossman encounter in Swampland Fractal.